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Witness the transformation of an ordinary man who ran from darkness into light.

Brother Anand

Anand brother is 36 years old who is from Jharkand. Including him, there are 7 members in his family. It involves his parents, two brothers, two sisters and of course Anand. Anand also has a wife with whom he has 2 children. He was possessed by demonic spirits for 10 years and his family was also involved in the possession. Mostly, brother Anand and his younger sister Puja have been through demonic attack. While, the demon used to reiterate that i only came into your family because of Anand and now I will destroy you.
Anand shares his story by saying that I was overall not successful in my life. As in childhood, I became influenced by the drugs and began taking them. My father was a government employee in TATA company so we had a tractor and a passenger cat. Only because of family’s situation, we had to sell our vehicles to people. So, I then began selling D.J. which for some reason I had to stop. I went to Bangalore to commence a high voltage work, but lost 8 lakh rupees. After that, I went to Mumbai to find a good work, but was instead bitten by a dengue mosquito leading to Dengue fever. Doctor said to my family that he will not be able to survive this bite.
After hearing this, one of my brothers went and asked for a pastor to pray for my brother which he did and it lead to my recovery. I, later on, travelled to Kolkata where I worked as an electrician. In the meantime, my younger brother went into depression while my father suffered from paralysis. Seeing their state I began to think about how can I ease the pain. What should I do for them?
In 2019, all these problems finally led me to search for peace and God through prayer and I discovered Sr Pastor. I received Sr pastor’s sick and night prayers so I then contacted Delhi Manmin asking for help and they said to hear Message of the cross sermons and join live service. After receiving the prayers of Rev. Dr Jaerock Lee my nightmares became into good dreams. In the meantime, I also lost the correct functioning of my mobile phone so I had to use my sister’s phone. I joined back after 3 to 4 months to attend live service and I also listened to the message of the cross and measure of faith. I began keeping the sabbath Holy and now I am absolutely fine as Jesus protects me each day for a week and so on. Both I and my sister are not under spiritual warfare therefore no demonic attacks, however, my sister still has nightmares.
I used to be a believer of Christ, but Manmin taught me about spiritual love. I am absolutely fine now. I don’t do drugs or associate myself with them at all. I can now feel the touch of the Holy Spirit in my life every now and then. I believe that only Manmin teaches us about our life. It is really great. Because of the healing that I received both my mother and brother have begun believing in Sr pastor and his teachings.
I think that pastor guides my path. His teachings have changed my life. My child is 4 years today. He wounded his leg so we played the prayer of Sr. pastor. As a result, my son is happy and fine without taking any medicines. My wife confesses that she gives a lot of thanks to Father God and lord.

“The Lord healed me of cervical dystonia!”

Healed of Cervical Dystonia – Roopa Gurung India

One year ago, my right hand suddenly hurt and it started to shake. My shoulder and neck also moved involuntarily.

From a hospital, I was diagnosed with cervical dystonia. It was the cervical dystonia (a neurological disorder in which the muscles go into spasm so that the head and limbs are held in unnatural positions) that affected even the fingers. The doctor gave me medicine and said to do the neck exercise.

I took many medicines to reduce pain, but it rather got unbearably worse. Since I couldn’t sleep well from pain, spending nights was a torture to me, so I wished I could die.

Furthermore, my back became stooped. I got an injection to cure it, but it didn’t work. When something touched my back, I had a sharp pain. Because I couldn’t sit for a minute, I always had to lie down on one side. In addition, I couldn’t speak properly because of my neck shaking.

Meanwhile, I came to know about Jesus Christ through a neighbor. While searching Youtube with a hope of divine healing, I found the prayer for the sick by Dr. Jaerock Lee.

Medical records – Cervical dystonia involving the fingers have been observed.

I called Deli Manmin Church on January 10, 2020. They recommended me to watch “Power of God” which is about Dr. Jaerock Lee’s ministry of God’s power. I watched it and found amazing testimonies through Dr. Lee’s prayer. I called Deli Manmin Church again and said that I also wanted to be healed.

Then, they told me that I could be healed if I attended and received a prayer at the Divine Healing Meeting held in Manmin Central Church. Also, they advised what I had to do to prepare myself for healing. As I was advised, I listened to Dr. Jaerock Lee’s sermons, ‘The message of the Cross’ and ‘Measures of Faith’, and I realized that most diseases came from sin (Exodus 15:26). So, I repented how I had hurt others’ feeling and fought with others.

Finally, I attended the Divine Healing Meeting of Manmin Central Church at the Friday All-night Service on January 31 through GCN TV Hindi. When Pastor Soojin Lee prayed with the handkerchief of power, I felt like fire burning on my body.

After the prayer, I tried to walk. Amazingly, I could straighten my back immediately. The pain on my neck, shoulder and back disappeared and the involuntary movement diminished.

I can now speak without stuttering. I can sit on a chair and walk well. Hallelujah!

Before prayer – Cervical Dystonia
After Prayer – Healed of Cervical Dystonia

Dr. Jaerock Lee’s books, released as digital books in 58 different languages – available in Amazon and other on-line bookstores worldwide

Dr. Jaerock Lee’s books, released as digital books in 58 different languages

Dr. Jaerock Lee’s books such as “The Message of the Cross,” “The Measure of Faith,” “Heaven,” and “Hell,” are published not only in classic paper format, but also in digital formats, and they are available worldwide.

His 112 books in Korean have been translated into 62 different languages, which have been published into 527 paper books of different languages. They are also translated into 58 languages, and released as 557 digital books.

Recently, “Faith: The Assurance of Things Hoped for” was released as a digital book in Czech and Estonian, “Awaken, Israel” in Rumanian, “The Law of God” in Luganda and Czech, and “Life of Disobedience and Life of Obedience” in Italian.

Dr. Lee’s digital books are available in Amazon, iBookstore, Google Books, Kyobo Book, Ridibooks, Interpark, and many other on-line bookstores worldwide.

The books written by Dr. Jaerock Lee contain the words of life that God Himself explained, which were made possible thanks to his countless fasting and prayers.

His books have been spiritual guidebooks to many pastors, and many Christians all over the world experience God’s grace as they read his books; their faith grow up, and changes are made in their lives.

Powerful Works Shown through Muan Sweet Water


Muan Sweet Water is a must-have for Manmin members. It is their ‘spiritual household medicine’ and even a ‘repairman’ for broken machines. They make a good use of it by faith in many parts of their lives and they have experienced the power of God the Creator through its use.

Sister Jaya Mary, age 51 (photo #1), from Chennai in India sprayed Muan Sweet Water on her peanut seeds in 2017 because the peanuts she had harvested in 2016 were so small and it was not a good harvest. As a result, she harvested very big peanuts abundantly. One day, her cow was suffering in a difficult delivery of its calf. She fed the cow with Muan Sweet Water and it soon delivered the calf normally.

Deacon Kihyun Jeong, age 54 (photo #2) sprayed Muan Sweet Water on the wart formed on his right fourth finger every day and received Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee’s prayer for the sick recorded on Automated Response System. The wart got smaller and smaller and then totally disappeared.

Deaconess Hyodeok Kim, age 40 (photo #3) sprayed Muan Sweet Water on her eyes and double eyelids formed. Sister Younghwa Do suffered inconvenience for a week because the drain in her house was frozen in a cold wave, but the drain was cleared when she poured Muan Sweet Water into it after receiving Dr. Lee’s recorded prayer. Deaconess Keumhwa Yang, age 60 from California, USA fixed her broken computer, Deaconess Yujeong Jang, age 74, a TV set, by spraying Muan Sweet Water on them and Sister Daseon Choi, age 11, regained function of her cell phone after spraying Muan Sweet Water on her phone.

“I was healed of cataracts and hair loss!”

Deacon Taesung Jeong, age 75, Chuncheon Manmin Church

My vision was blurry due to cataracts and I had a hard time reading. But after I sprayed Muan Sweet Water into my eyes I could see things clearly. The medical check-up showed that I no longer have cataracts.

I had also suffered from indigestion after I had a gastrectomy, but after I drank Muan Sweet Water, I was healed of it as well. I was also healed of hair loss. After I sprayed the water on my hair, a lot of hair grew within a month and I came to have thick hair.

I once fell down holding a glass. A piece of broken glass went into my left palm. It damaged the nerves and ligaments. I had surgery, but the doctor said that it would be impossible to recover completely. As I continuously sprayed Muan Sweet Water, the pain was gone and the scarring healed up quickly. I recovered the sense of feeling on the hand that had been numb.

In 2017, I was healed of severe dermatitis on the back of my hand through Muan Sweet Water. I give all thanks and glory to God who gave us Muan Sweet Water.

No sign of fractures to his right thigh (on right) and his right shin (on left)

“My son was run over by a motor-powered trike, but he had no problem!”

In September 2017, my seven-year-old son was run over by a motor-powered tricycle while playing in front of our house. It was a big accident in which the wheel ran on his right leg. However, he had no pain at all with only a small scratch. People who witnessed it were surprised to see him stay normal.

I applied Muan Sweet Water on his leg right after the accident and took him to hospital for a check-up. The result showed that not a single bone was damaged though the trike ran right over his leg. Hallelujah! As I kept applying Muan Sweet Water, the bruise disappeared and no aftereffects have been noted.

My son had hated to write letters before, so I sprayed Muan Sweet Water on his fingers with faith. He no longer hates writing!

X-ray scan

Sister Janet Bisais, age 38, Cavite Manmin Church, Philippines

“I was healed of leucorrhea!”

Deaconess Youngsuk Yu, age 56, Parish 31, Manmin Central Church

I had leucorrhea since I was a fourth grader in elementary school. The symptoms got worse over time. My mother took me for a Chinese acupuncture examination and to an herbal clinic and I also took oriental medicine. She also extracted the essence of motherwort after hearing about its effect on leucorrhea, but it didn’t work. I had to change my underclothes day and night every day and holes were often made in them due to the germs the disease carried. I had the symptoms for a long time, so I didn’t even think that I could be healed of it even after I registered in Manmin.

In spring 2014, as the symptoms became worse I sprayed Muan Sweet Water three times daily. Then, suddenly blood discharged. I went to ob-gyn but the doctor said she couldn’t check it because there was so much blood discharging. She told me to visit her again after it stopped. A few days later, bleeding stopped. Then, I went to the restroom and was surprised. My underwear was clean, and I have had no symptoms of leucorrhea since, at all.

My sister was also surprised to see me receive the divine healing of leucorrhea that I had suffered for more than 40 years and accepted the Lord. I am very happy.

“Evil spirits went out and a baby was conceived!”

Pastor Keval Paul, age 32, Jagran Manmin Church, India

In September 2017, I learned about Manmin. Afterwards, I was provided with Muan Sweet Water by Delhi Manmin Church, India. I sprayed it for my church members and let them drink some of it. Right then, Sister Muskan (photo #1) fell backward and then woke up again. She said that she had usually felt suffocated as if she was in a pressure cooker but after she sprayed Muan Sweet Water she felt something coming out from her. She also said she came to feel very good and headaches and a pressing feeling were all gone.
Sister Sangeeta Burma (left, photo #2) had no child though she had been married for two years, but several days after she drank Muan Sweet Water she became pregnant. Her mother-in-law (right) was also set free from an evil spirit through Muan Sweet Water.

I got my hearing back that I lost when I was 4

Maricarmen (29, Venezuela)
I got my hearing back that I lost when I was 4

Maricarmen (29, Venezuela)

When I was 4 years old, I fell down and hurt my head. I gradually lost my hearing, and I was diagnosed with auditory disorder.

Last September 2019, my friend told me about Penang Manmin Deaf Church in Malaysia, and I attended a service of Penang Manmin Deaf Church. It was interpreted in sign language through ZOOM (on-line video conferencing program). I was surprised to see many hearing impaired people there.

Since I was from a Christian family, I’ve heard many sermons of many different churches, but they didn’t touch my heart. But messages of Manmin were different. They were simple but clean, yet very spiritual. I received much God’s grace, and I came to long for more.

So I began attending Sunday Service, Friday All Night Service, Wednesday Service, and even Daniel Prayer Meeting on-line. One day, something amazing happened to me when I received Dr. Jaerock Lee’s prayer for the sick after Sunday Evening Service on the 1st day of December, 2019.

I was receiving the prayer by faith while saying “Amen.” I felt some heat in my ears, and I could hear noises. Hallelujah!

Later, I could hear the TV sound, and knocking on a door. I was even surprised by a car-horn. The sound I could hear grew louder and louder. I was examined in a hospital in December 12, and a doctor confirmed that my hearing greatly improved.

Now, I can hear raindrops, and cellphone rings. I can hear Dr. Jaerock Lee’s voice when he prays for the sick. I can distinguish different voices. My hearing gets better and better whenever I listen to the messages of God and repent. I give all thanks and glory to God the Father. I also give thanks to Dr. Jaerock Lee you prayed for me.

Hearing Exam

Before prayer:
an exam in 2008 shows serious hearing disorder for both ears
After prayer:
an exam in 2019 shows great improvements in hearing for both ears

All the scars on the face of my son, who had fallen into a pot of boiling oil, were completely cleansed in 20 days!

Soo-hyun Kim (New Kwangju Manmin Church)

healed skin after a burn

Saturday, January 28, 2006 / Jae-woo falls into a pot of boiling oil

On Saturday, January 28, 2006, one day before the Chinese New Year, I was busy with preparing food for the holiday at my mother-in-law’s house in Haenam, Southern Jeon-la Province. While returning from the bathroom with my older son Jae-hyuk, I heard the bawling cry of my younger son Jae-woo.
When I sprinted towards Jae-woo, I saw that the baby walker in which he was seated had tipped over the kitchen doorsill and Jae-woo had fallen headfirst into a pot of boiling oil. As my husband (Chul Lee) hurriedly tried to lift up Jae-woo, half of whose face was already submerged in the oil, the baby slipped out of his hands and fell into the boiling oil one more time.
Right then, my mother-in-law Senior Deaconess Mal-jin Kim (Mokpo Manmin Church) poured the Muan Sweet Water on Jae-woo’s head. As you know, the Muan Sweet Water was transformed from bitter seawater into sweet, potable water by the prayer of Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee and has been manifesting all kinds of healing to countless people. We also had Jae-woo receive the Senior Pastor’s “Prayer for the Sick” recorded on an automated telephone message.

3:00 P.M., Saturday, January 28, 2006 / Heading to Seoul and receiving Rev. Dr. Lee’s prayer

It was such a dire situation that at the advice of my mother-in-law, we headed to Seoul to meet with Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee.
The surface of Jae-woo’s face had been peeled off and cooked. Tears streamed down my cheeks each time I saw the large vesicles on his forehead, eyes, upper lips, and scalp, the pieces of skin with capillary vessels showing under the rolled-up cuticles, and his severely swollen left eye.
On the way to Seoul, all of us were amazed at how Jae-woo did not seem to feel any pain, cry, or fret after receiving the “Prayer for the Sick”; he actually seemed quite comfortable. He was, however, unable to eat any food.
After a three-and-a-half-hour trip, we were able to meet with the Senior Pastor who was at his residence for the Chinese New Year. When he saw Jae-woo’s disfigured face, the Senior Pastor seemed even more heartbroken than I was. He gently placed his hand on Jae-woo’s head and prayed for him in the minutest detail.

“Drive away the burning sensation. Prevent the baby from becoming infected with any bacteria. Allow for the wounds to be healed. Father God, make the baby whole again. Let Your light come upon him! I pray all this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.”

At the moment, I felt the love of the Senior Pastor rushing into my heart. Immediately after receiving his prayer, Jae-woo started eating.
On our way home to Kwangju, Jae-woo slept comfortably, ate well, and was playful.

Repenting of our past, committing everything to God

Through this incident, my husband and I came to learn and realize so much. At the time, we hadn’t been keeping the Lord’s Day holy and giving God the whole tithes because we were “so busy.” In addition, we repented of not having recognized the love of Our God who had watched over us in a car accident last fall, in which none of us were injured. It had been a “wake-up call” from God, telling us to renew our commitment in Him, but we had chosen to ignore it.
Jae-woo’s left eye was severely swollen and there was a chance he could lose his sight. When we checked on him the next day, however, we saw that the swelling had gone down and the eyeball seemed as normal as ever. Yet, Jae-woo’s lips were still very much swollen that the lips’ lining could not be distinguished.
Concerned family members, neighbors, and friends questioned whether it was such a good idea not to take Jae-woo to the hospital. As the news of the Senior Pastor’s manifestations of God’s power had settled in as faith in our hearts, my husband and I only wanted to commit everything to God. Of course, we repented in tears, begging for His mercy.

Friday, February 3 / Scabs formed over Jae-woo’s face and head 6 days after the accident

As we held fast to our faith in this chain of events, God saw and recognized our faith, and did His work in the most obvious way. Blisters could have developed and oozing or pus could have infected the wounds, but as soon as blisters and oozing dried, scabs began forming over Jae-woo’s face and head. Six days after the accident by Friday, February 3, 2006, scabs had developed over much of Jae-woo’s face.
Before the Friday All-night Service, we brought Jae-woo to the Senior Pastor to receive his prayer one more time. When he said, “God healed the baby’s eye first so that he wouldn’t lose his sight,” delighted in the healing progress, and prayed earnestly for our son, all we could do was praise and give thanks for the love of Our God and the shepherd.

Friday, February 10 / Scabs fall off the wounds as new flesh develops

The work of healing afterwards was even faster. Scabs formed over the left half of Jae-woo’s face and new flesh developed underneath the scabs. Dried scabs began falling off piece by piece and by February 10, less than two weeks after the accident, all the scabs over Jae-woo’s face except for the forehead fell off. As my mother-in-law, my husband, many other brothers and sisters in Christ, and I saw the new flesh developing and the scabs falling off so rapidly, we could only rejoice and give glory to the Living God.

Friday, February 17 / 20 days later, Jae-woo’s face is without a single scar

By Friday, February 17, 2006, less than three weeks after the accident, all the remaining scabs fell off Jae-woo’s face, which now has fairer and clearer skin than the time before the accident. Hallelujah!
After personally experiencing God’s power manifested by Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee with Jae-woo, my husband and I have no choice but to believe in the Father. We have gained the faith to keep the Lord’s Day holy, attend all worship services, worship God at home with our family, and give Him whole tithes in gratitude.
We seek to become God’s faithful workers, never forgetting the grace of the One who has healed Jae-woo. We give all thanks and glory to the almighty God for healing Jae-woo in a such a short amount of time that transcends man’s common sense, and we would also like to express our deepest appreciation to Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee for his heartfelt prayer.

I Have Been Healed of Cerebral Infarction!

Healed of Cerebral Infarction

I had had a cerebral infarction for a long time. In July 2017, I received surgery in China. However, hemiplegia on my right side became even worse. I couldn’t speak properly or even stand up.
By the advice of my daughter (Seoyoung Moon) who is a member of Manmin Central Church in South Korea, I listened to the sermons of the Senior Pastor Rev. Jaerock Lee on GCN TV for half a year at home. I gained faith little by little.
In August 2018, with the help of my daughter and on a wheelchair I attended the Manmin Summer Retreat in South Korea. When the speaker, Pastor Soojin Lee, prayed with the handkerchief on which the Senior Pastor prayed (Acts 19:11-12), to my amazement, I could lift up my right arm.
I got better very quickly after I’d attended the Summer Retreat. I stood up from the wheelchair just two days after I began to attend Manmin Prayer Center meetings. On the 3rd day I could walk with a cane. I could also write with my right hand, and I could speak, though not very fluently.
I knew God had touched me. I attended the 2-term continuous special Daniel prayer meeting in the 2nd half of 2018, and my high BP and myocardial infarction were healed. Furthermore, on January 17, 2019, while I was attending the prayer center meetings, my twisted mouth was straightened, so I no longer drooled!
On January 25, in the divine healing session of the Friday all-night service, I received the prayer with the handkerchief done by Pastor Soojin Lee, and I came to walk even without the cane. Hallelujah!
I had to live with hemiplegia, but I can walk again! I believe I’ll be completely healthy. I give all thanks and glory to God!

Believers who came onto the altar to give their testimonies

Facial Paralysis Was Healed!

Facial Paralysis Was Healed!

I am a head nurse in a hospital, and my facial paralysis caaused me to be nervous all the time.
My left eye was constantly closing, and the size of my eye was getting smaller, too. I tried to solve this problem for more than 5 years. I went to many hospitals, but only in vain. I once got a very expensive shot but things only got worse.
I heard from my colleague, sister Pooja, that there were many divine healing works taking place in Manmin Church. She gave me the sermons of Rev. Jaerock Lee, The Message of the Cross, and I was blessed listening to them.
One day, Pooja sent me a link for GCN TV Hindi channel on YouTube, and I watched the Summer Retreat that was going on in Korea. I felt that I could be healed in India by partaking in the retreat online. While I was listening to the message, I could feel that my eyes were getting warmer.
During the healing session, I laid my hands on my eyes to receive the prayer for the sick. And then, the blinking got better, and the size of the eyes also came back to normal. Hallelujah!

The Village turned into a God Believing

The Village turned into a God Believing

With no parents and no education, I was a frightened child with no self-confidence. I also had severe pain in my back. In Deli Manmin Church, I received Dr. Jaerock Lee’s prayer for the sick on tv, and I was healed of my back pain. With a grateful heart, I began preaching the gospel to people, which changed my nature. I was no longer frightened or fearful.

Just as my life was changed thanks to God, I hoped the people in my home village could change as well. Since the village of Gorakhpur in the state of Uttar Pradesh was one of the most remote areas of India. The people there had never heard of Jesus our Savior. So I started praying for them.

I visited the village in May 2018 when a relative got married. I introduced Jesus Christ to those who came for the wedding and other families as well. I told them what was written in the Bible is taking place now. I then prayed with the handkerchief that Dr. Jaerock Lee prayed on (Acts 19:11-12).

An amazing thing took place in the village! A lady by the name of Seema (35 yrs.) was partially paralyzed. She couldn’t walk alone. She couldn’t get a job. But after receiving the prayer with the handkerchief of God’s Power, she began walking and lifted her left arm.

A 3 year old boy, Ankush, who hadn’t walked since birth, began walking after receiving the prayer. When many other people testified that their various pains disappeared, people started to receive the Lord.

Soon my family moved to the village and began preaching the word of God. Although there was no church, people gathered to attend the services of Manmin Central Church, provided by GCNTV HINDI Channel on Youtube. They attended Daniel Prayer Meeting and prayed together everyday.

The people in the village used to worship idols, but they suffered from various problems. Thanks to Dr. Jaerock Lee’s prayer for the sick and the prayer with the handkerchief of God’s power, however, they were not only healed of diseases, but their problems were also solved.

Anita, my niece, became demon-possessed a year ago. After hearing Dr. Jaerock Lee’s sermons, she repented of idol-worshiping, and upon receiving the prayer with the handkerchief, the fire of the Holy Spirit came upon her, and the demon left her. She is now a healthy student, and her family is happy again.

Manish was healed of an abscess on head, Rosini was healed of leucorrhoea, Prabhu was healed of piles, and Jangbahadur was healed of fever. Durgawati was blessed to deliver a healthy baby. The amazing works of God have continued to take place here. The biggest blessing so far is that we now have a ‘in-house-church’ with more 50 members.

I give all the thanks and glory to God who blessed me to preach the gospel by the grace of the Lord.

An Evil Spirit Left Me!

Neetu Chander (26, Delhi Manmin Church) – Evil Spirit Left Me

Six years ago I started to have frequent nightmares. My whole body ached. After marriage, it became even worse. I’d scream anywhere and also had fits.
I couldn’t work, and I didn’t want to. So, my husband had to do all the house chores. I was always angry. I’d scream at my husband and children to fight with them. Sometimes my husband had to stay up all night because of me and couldn’t go to work.
In January 2018 we moved to Delhi because of my husband’s work. It is a much more populated area than my hometown, and my symptoms got worse. I’d fall many times a day. My headache was unbearable. I felt like something heavy was pressing down on my head.
In May that year, my sister-in-law introduced to my Delhi Manmin Church and said the Lord could heal me. I attended a prayer meeting with her. They were playing the live-broadcast of Daniel Prayer Meeting that was going on in Manmin Central Church in Seoul.
I went to a church for the first time in my life, but I followed all the prayers and praise songs and received the prayer of Rev. Jaerock Lee on video at the end of it.
While I was receiving the prayer, I fell down. I woke up after Pastor John Kim prayed for me with a handkerchief. That night, I slept very well, and from the next Sunday I began to go to church regularly.
I attended not only Sunday services but also Friday all-night service and Daniel Prayer Meetings every night. I listened to Message of the Cross sermons of Rev. Jaerock Lee every day. At first I felt drowsy and couldn’t focus, but it was much better after a week.
Also, as I received the Senior Pastor’s prayer for the sick and the handkerchief prayer from Pastor John Kim (Acts 19:11-12) in every worship service, my falling down seizures got much better.
I gained some faith, and I prepared myself with prayers and fasting to get healed completely in the summer retreat. I attended the 1st day of the 2018 Manmin Summer Retreat in August in India through GCN TV. When the speaker Pastor Soojin Lee was praying with the handkerchief, I felt like I was falling, but I focused on receiving the prayer. Soon, I felt the evil spirit in me left, and the heavy sensation in the head was also gone.
After the summer retreat, I’ve never had any fits or nightmares. Headaches and pain all over the body were also gone. Now I do the house-keeping work and play with my kids, too. My whole family is so happy thanks to the grace of the Lord. Hallelujah!

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