Brother Prembai

In the month of February in the year 2016, at the age of 20, I suddenly felt some knee jerk in my left knee which continued thereafter, resulting which I started falling whenever I used to walk. Along with that, I also developed a slight pain in the both sides of waist and hips, especially on the site where intramuscular injections are given. Both the pain in my waist and hips along with knee problem continued to persist and when it was irresistible, I decided to visit a doctor to start my treatment. I visited both Government and Private hospitals nearby by home and in the market , respectively. Doctors advised me for some diagnostics test , especially X- Ray, which i had but they were not able to find out the cause of my disease and suggested me different reasons such as nerve compression and some temporary causes. They prescribed me some medicines such as multi vitamins and gave me pain relieving injections. Till the time there was an effect of medicine I felt relived from pain but as soon as the effect started to decrease, the pain started to increase. In the meanwhile, I used to visit hindu temples and prayed there and seeked for my healing. By this time, I was very much disappointed and had lost hope, then one of the doctors whom I visited advised me to take ayurvedic treatment and as far as I can remember I started to take ayurvedic medicines in the month of May in the year 2016, which usually included some medicines made from wild plants and a medicinal oil to apply on my legs. I continued the treatment for about 1.5 to 2 months till the end of month of July, but there were no effective results and I got discouraged. By this time, sensation in my legs kept on decreasing and my condition started worsening which discouraged me a lot. Again , I mustered my courage to keep going and seeked help from elder people in my village for some traditional treatment and they asked me to visit people who specializes in massage and take oil massage which could hopefully help me to get better. I went there and started taking oil massage which I continued for 7-8 months and took twice a month but there were no desired results, yet thereafter. Amid all these, almost after 11 months of suffering, while i was roaming around and asking people for help, I came across one of my cousin brother who had pity on me and asked me to recieve prayer in the name of Jesus Christ once, then two people prayed for me by placing their hands on my head, after which I felt relieved from my pain and there was not even any knee jerk and I walked properly without even stumbling in mid the path and reached my home on my own. But it remained for a day or two. Then, I realized there is some power in the name of christ. But I overlooked it and started looking for other ways to be healed.Despite of all my efforts , I failed to recover from my disease ,and in the month of February in the year 2017 , I completely lost the sensation in my left knee. Following which , a month later, I also lost sensation in my right knee and I was completely bed ridden. Still I continued to have oil massage which I completely ceased to take after Sept 2018 due to negligible signs of recovery and in December 2018 , doctor said to me that they are not efficient to treat me and it seems an impossible case for them to be treated and there was no hope that I would regain my sensation. They provided me with a medical certificate in which I was diagnosed with locomotor disability and paraplegia , valid for one year so that I could access some help from government for physically disabled person. I was completely broken from inside my emotional and mental state also started to deteriorate as my physical condition was becoming worse day by day. I started feeling myself as a burden for my families at such a young age ,when I had to serve my family members they were bound to serve me as I had paraplegia. While I was on my bed , I had flashy memories of the time of the day or two when I got relieved by prayer in name of Christ and wanted to receive it again but was helpless.
From February 2017 , I was on bed completely and needed assistance from people nearby to carry out my daily activities. Then, during the wedding season in 2018 , in the month of May and June , I met one of my relatives who visited our village to attend a marriage. While was scrolling the YouTube videos on his cellphone to search for treatment for my disease, I came across the Prayer of Sick on GCNTV HINDI Channel which I played and listened to and found a contact number mentioned there and gave them a call.
My call was responded and they heard about my condition and advised to continue to receive prayer of sick , listen to some sermons and attend live services. But by then, I didn’t had a internet mobile and therefore was unable to access to internet. But , I started to pray personally and had Prayer of Sick in my phone which I received twice a day in the morning and before I went sleep. Then, on 2018 in the month of Oct, I received a cellphone with internet connection from my family members and then I started to attend the live services and also listened to The Message Of Cross series sermon and continued to receive prayer of sick. Then , there was a healing meeting being announced on 25th January 2019, led by Pas. Soojin Lee, that I attended online and receive prayer for my healing during the service when she prayed for sick people. Then, during the prayer I felt my body was getting hot as if I had taken some medicine and it continued till I slept. Then on the next day, I felt some sensation in my legs but still was not able to feel them completely. I continued to listen to sermons and attend live services . Thereafter, I also had some seasonal viral and ear pain due to weather changes and then again on 22nd February, I attended the live healing prayer meeting online and felt the same hotness in my body as I felt on previous healing meeting. I again felt the sensation of touch more strongly this time in my legs and it was also healed of seasonal viral , earache and loose motions completely.
From the 22nd of February, I can now even feel whenever an insect bites such as mosquito bite or a fly sitting on my leg , which I wasn’t able to feel for almost 2 years. I felt like I have regained the lost part of my body again which was not with me for the past 2 years. My journey was strugglesome and heart wrenching. I still have some sort of weakness in my legs but there is slight movement in my legs. I thank Jesus Christ who is healing me of my locomotor disability and paraplegia and I have this strong faith that I will be able to walk on my legs one day. Thanks once again to Jesus Christ who gave me such hope and helped me experience his works of miracle through the prayers.

Date of birth:- 01/06/1995
Banaskantha, Gujarat, India.

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  1. I am so much touched when I read this testimony if brother. Prembai …its really God’s Power who healed this brother.I received grace by reading this live testimony .

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