“My sister was demon-possessed, but she is now normal!

Brother Sandeep (Age 18, Gorakhpur, India)

My sister, Anita, had been demon-possessed for the past year. She would curse and scream at family members and throw tantrums.
I performed exorcism and I did everything what I can do. I thought she was going to be OK but she didn’t get better. She’d say unspeakable things to the family members. She tried to commit suicide and we had to tie her up. In January 2018, my uncle introduced Jesus Christ and GCN TV Hindi channel on YouTube. I got Pastor John’s number and whenever my sister had an episode, I called him to receive handkerchief prayer (Acts 19:11-12) that calmed her down.
Since then, my family listened to Rev. Jaerock Lee’s sermon series ‘Message of the Cross’ and the ‘Ten Commandments’ on GCN TV Hindi channel. We repented of our idolatry and other sins. In January 2019 we, along with our neighbors, attended the live broadcast of Friday all-night service of Manmin Central Church on YouTube. Seeing some of my neighbors getting healed there, I was also convinced that my sister could be healed, too. We listened to the sermons and prayed so that she could be healed in the special divine healing session in February.
On Feb. 22, when receiving the prayer of Pastor Soojin Lee with the handkerchief in the healing session, my sister repented with tears and received the fire of the Holy Spirit. The demon left her, and she is now perfectly normal. Hallelujah!

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