“God Is Truly Alive!”

Taedeok Kwon (69, 9th Parish)

One day, I got nervous when I heard some bad rumors about the church that my wife was attending. I objected her attending her church very much but she wouldn’t listen, so I decided to go there myself, find out their wrong points and persuade her to stop attending. 
When I entered the main gate for Sunday morning service, I saw the smiles on the faces of the members who were humbly greeting one another in neat and clean suits or Hanbok, Korean traditional dress. In the main sanctuary I was overwhelmed by the music of Nissi Orchestra. The ushers guided me very kindly as if I was their relative. 
When the worship service began, I paid attention to everything that was said to find faults, but sermon of Rev. Jaerock Lee touched my heart even though I knew nothing about the Bible. I went there a couple more times but I couldn’t find anything wrong. Eventually I registered as a member in September 2012. 

Being Healed of Complication of Traffic Accident 

I had never been a believer, so I didn’t even want to talk with believers. But when the Senior Pastor was delivering the message with tears saying there is heaven and hell and we should truly believe in the Lord, I made up my mind to quit all the worldly things and live by the word of God. 
In fact, I got involved in a traffic accident and fell into a coma when I was 24. After that, sometimes I had unbearable pain in my hip-joint, which I dealt with painkillers. It went on for years. When I sat on a chair for a long time, the hip-joint wouldn’t go back to the right place, so I had to limp for more than 10 minutes. 
I really wanted to be healed of this problem through the baptism ceremony. I fasted in the morning and stopped taking all my medicines. I earnestly prayed until the baptism day. 
On the next Sunday, the Senior Pastor gave the benediction after the service, and I felt the heat coming up from my calves. I felt like I was drunk and my heart was pounding even to cause something similar to short breath. 
I knew the fire of the Holy Spirit fell on me, so I kept on saying, “Father God, thank You!” Then, the pain in my left leg disappeared and the hip-joint problem was also gone. I came to walk normally. Hallelujah!

Works of the Holy Spirit Continuing 

From 2017, I could feel something in my lower right jaw. I sometimes had sharp pain, and the doctor suggested surgical removal. In early May that year, once I had a cell group worship service in my house serving them with nice food and with all my heart. And I think God accepted it with joy. 
Around 3 PM the next day, I could hear some sharp noise in my right ear. I was surprised but I felt God was healing me, and I just gave thanks to Him. When I woke up the day after that, the size of the lump was reduced. It kept on reducing and was gone within days. It was truly amazing. 
Furthermore, in the past, I always felt cloudy in my head and I didn’t feel like I slept at all. I couldn’t walk straight and I always slightly swayed to both sides. However, since I came to our church, everything became normal without my noticing it. 
In the autumn of 2018, I received great blessing once again. I didn’t have my front teeth and molars, so I’d spill food when eating. I couldn’t pronounce properly, so others wouldn’t understand me well. I couldn’t fix them due to financial reasons. 
My wife Choonok Nam also used dentures for a long time so it’d come off often. She couldn’t chew hard or tough things. However, the senior pastor provided us with the dental expenses so that we could be set free from the pains. Hallelujah!
I give glory to God for bringing me to this love-filled church in this generation in which goodness is hard to come by. I also give thanks to the Senior Pastor who is guiding us to the way of heaven. 

Ultrasound Pictures

god is alive

After Prayer: The lump in the right lower jaw disappeared
¡ã¡ã Before Prayer: A 0.5cm lump is present in the right lower jaw

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