MESSAGE OF CROSS 5 – God Creates Man

Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee

“Then the LORD God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being” (Genesis 2:7).

The first chapter of Genesis describes the process of God creating the heavens, the earth, and all things in them, and mankind. The second chapter tells us that God made the Garden of Eden and led the first man there. Now let’s look into the reason why God created man.

1. Man Created in the Image of God

Genesis 2:7 reads, “Then the LORD God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.” While God created everything else in the universe by His Word, He personally formed and created man with dust from the ground. God flawlessly created man, and then the man became a living being after God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life.

Some people might say with doubt, “How can an image formed from dust of ground move with life?” But think about robots, computers, artificial internal organs, or artificial skin. Men can make such things, and then of course God was capable of creating man. Because a limit was set in their thoughts, they cannot believe the power of God.

After creating Adam and Eve, God the Creator gave them the seed of life so that they were able to give birth to descendants. A man has a sperm and a woman has an egg, and the sperm and the egg contain all their attributes such as appearance, personality, intelligence, habits, etc. So their children resemble them. Then, whom would Adam, the father of mankind, resemble?

As we read in Genesis 1:27, “And God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them,” Adam was created in the image of God. In addition to the outward appearance, man’s spirit came from God and resembles His spirit. Adam was a living being.

Adam’s spirit, like that of God, was filled only with goodness, light, and the truth. After Adam ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and thus sinned against God, all his descendants became drenched in sin and evil and ended up losing God’s holy image.

2. The Reason Why God Created and Cultivates Mankind

If we are to seek and understand the answer to the question, “Why are we here?” we need to be able to answer the question, “Why has God created us and why and how is He cultivating mankind?” In the Bible are many parables referring to cultivating the land and harvesting crops. In Matthew 13, Jesus likened the heart of man to four different kinds of field. With “a parable of the wheat and the chaff” in Matthew 3 and “a parable of the weeds” in Matthew 13, the Bible tells us of the Judgment to come.

With such parables found in the Bible, God tells us that His providence in creating mankind and governing the world’s history is much the same as cultivating a field and harvesting crops from it. Just as a farmer cultivates his field for the harvest, God is cultivating us today.

God desires to gain true children with whom He can share love. With His wondrous power and as a fearsome judge, God the Creator possesses undisputed authority and strict righteousness on the one hand. On the other hand, He also possesses human attributes that are characterized by love, compassion, mercy, and the like. For God can rejoice, grieve, or lament just like human beings, instead of being alone He wanted those with whom He could share love.

He already had countless heavenly hosts and angels by His side. However, God wanted true children who would obey Him from their heartfelt love of Him and in their free will.

Suppose at home you have a robot that will do everything you tell it to do and you have your child who may at times cause trouble but, as he grows up he will eventually be grateful for his parents’ grace and love and share love with you. Between the two, which would you deem more precious? No matter how obedient the robot may be, it could not be compared to your child with whom you can share your heart. Likewise, God created mankind because He wanted to have children who would obey Him and share their hearts with Him in their free will.

3. The Wheat and the Chaff

No matter how diligently a farmer may have worked, at the time of harvest he will reap the chaff as well as the wheat. However, because the chaff is inedible and will harm the wheat when stored together in the same barn, it can only be used as compost or burned.

By the same token, when human cultivation is over, God will set the wheat apart from the chaff. Matthew 3:12 reads, “And His winnowing fork is in His hand, and He will thoroughly clear His threshing floor; and He will gather His wheat into the barn, but He will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.” Here, “unquenchable fire” stands for the fires of Hell.

At the time of God’s choosing, in the last days of the age He will bring human cultivation to a close and judge every individual who has ever lived in this world. At the Judgment, those who are like the chaff will fall into the flames of Hell.

“The wheat” here refers to people who have accepted Jesus Christ and lived by the Word in their love for God. They have diligently cast off sin and evil and recovered His image. On the contrary, “the chaff” refers to all those who did not believe in God and did not accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.

One thing you have to keep in mind here is that not everyone who attends church is “wheat.” If they forsake God’s Word and instead live in accordance with their worldly desires, in God’s eyes they are “chaff.” This is why Jesus told us in Matthew 7:21, “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven; but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven.”

God desires all men to know His heart, become “wheat”, and receive salvation (1 Timothy 2:4). For this reason He has given us His only begotten Son to die on the cross on our behalf.

Despite all this, those who continue to live in sin without accepting Jesus as their Savior will be unable to recover their true worth as people who have been created in God’s image. They are merely like the chaff. The chaff cannot be gathered into Heaven. If people filled with hatred, jealousy, greed, quarreling, and other forms of evil were allowed to enter Heaven, it would be corrupted.

What would happen to people barred from entering Heaven? Since the spirit in each person is immortal, it cannot become extinct. They will be gathered together, confined in Hell forever, and according to the wages of their sins, each of them will receive everlasting punishments in the unquenchable fire of Hell (Refer to Hell authored by Dr. Jaerock Lee for more information).

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I pray in the name of the Lord that you will come forth as wheat-like believers, that is, God’s true children, taking after God and coming to possess a sanctified heart and share love with Him and live forever more in Heaven.

MESSAGE OF CROSS 4 – God the Author of the Bible

Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee

“All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness” (2 Timothy 3:16).

The Bible tells us why God created man, how He has led human history, the beginning and the end of human cultivation, Jesus the Savior, the Holy Spirit the Helper, Heaven and Hell, and the duty of man. Then, who wrote this Bible?

1. God, the Author of the Bible

The Bible consists of 66 books: 39 books in the Old Testament and 27 in the New Testament. Thirty-four people, 26 from the Old Testament and 8 from the New Testament, are known to have written the Bible, which is written over a span of 1,600 years: 1,500 during Old Testament times and 100 in the New Testament era. Although more than 30 different people recorded the Bible, not one of them was its “author”. One might say that they all were ghostwriters.

Suppose a mother has 2 sons and she wishes to write a letter to the younger son. She has her older son write down in a letter what she wants to say to her younger son. Although the older son “wrote” the letter, that letter is from the mother. By the same token, God called on 34 individuals and led them to record the Bible in the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Thus, the Author of the Bible is God.

2 Peter 1:21 reminds us, “No prophecy was ever made by an act of human will, but men moved by the Holy Spirit spoke from God.” Isaiah 34:16 also reads, “Seek from the book of the LORD, and read: not one of these will be missing; none will lack its mate. For His mouth has commanded, and His Spirit has gathered them.”

For the almighty God has recorded the Bible in the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the Bible is not contradictory but consistent throughout, even though many people wrote it.

2. The Bible Recorded in the Inspiration of the Holy Spirit

Since the Bible was recorded in the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, it must also be interpreted in the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Attempting to interpret the Bible with human thoughts can lead people onto the path to destruction because such interpretation may not be in agreement with God’s will (2 Peter 3:16).

When it is interpreted in the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, however, we learn that no verse in the Bible is without its mate (Isaiah 34:16). Just as it takes more than pearls to make a necklace, the spiritual significance in Bible verses can be explained when they find mates that are complements of each other.

For instance, Acts 2:21 tells us, “And it shall be that everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” The will of God on salvation, however, cannot be explained sufficiently with this verse alone. As Our Lord told us in Matthew 7:21, “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven,” calling on the name of the Lord alone cannot satisfy the condition to receive salvation.

As we are reminded in Romans 10:10, “For with the heart a person believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in salvation,” only those who believe with the heart and end up in righteousness can receive salvation when they confess the Savior with their lips. What, then, does it mean for a person “to believe with the heart”?

James 2:14 asks us, “What use is it, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but he has no works? Can that faith save him?” When a person believes with the heart and it results in righteousness, we can see him striving to rid himself of his sins and live by God’s Word.

Moreover, Romans 3:28 reads, “For we maintain that a man is justified by faith apart from works of the Law.” No matter how diligently you may seem to practice the truth your deeds cannot be perfected without faith. “Believing with the heart” means accomplishing a sanctified heart resulting in holy behavior or, in other words, accomplishing the circumcision of the heart.

Salvation is only for believers who circumcise their hearts as they believe with the heart, live by God’s Word, and confess the name of the Lord with their lips.

Without finding mates for such Biblical verses, people may learn the truth incorrectly and maintain that, “Salvation is for anyone who confesses that Jesus is his Savior” or “As long as you believe, you can still receive salvation even if you live in sin.” Such misunderstanding will lead people to sin and, eventually, to destruction. In order to correctly understand the will of God embedded in Bible, you must find their mates and interpret them in the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

3. God’s Word the Eternal Truth

The Bible is God’s Word and everything recorded in it is true. Such historical evidence as the history of Israel, events in its neighboring countries and people, names of people and places, and custom, all of which we find in the Old Testament, attests to the truthfulness of the Bible.

The Bible also contains a variety of prophecies and all of them were fulfilled as written. For instance, Luke 19:43-44 prophesied on the fall of Jerusalem, “For the days will come upon you when your enemies will throw up a barricade against you, and surround you and hem you in on every side…and they will not leave in you one stone upon another…” And forty years later it was fulfilled in 70 A.D.

Throughout the Old Testament are God’s prophecies on Jesus’ birth, ministry, Passion, and resurrection, while stories and records of how Jesus fulfilled Old Testament prophecies abound in the New Testament. On Jesus’ birth, in Genesis 3:15 God foretold that the Savior would be born to the people of Israel. When God cursed the serpent, He said, “And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed; He shall bruise you on the head, and you shall bruise him on the heel.” It prophesied that the Savior would come as the seed of the woman and overcome death. Here, “the woman” spiritually symbolizes Israel, and Jesus was born in Joseph’s family of the tribe of Judah (Luke 1:26-33).

Isaiah 7:14 tells us, “Behold, a virgin will be with child and bear a son, and she will call His name Immanuel,” while Micah 5:2 reads, “But as for you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, too little to be among the clans of Judah, from you One will go forth for Me to be ruler in Israel. His goings forth are from long ago, from the days of eternity.” According to these prophecies, Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary in a manger belonging to an inn in Bethlehem.

When Jesus entered Jerusalem, as Zechariah 9:9 had predicted, He was on “a colt, the foal of a donkey.” In addition, as foretold in Psalm 41:9, Jesus was betrayed and sold by Judas Iscariot. Moreover, there are countless detailed prophecies in many books throughout the Old Testament including Isaiah, Psalms, and Zechariah, concerning the Passion, burial, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus, and every one of them was fulfilled in New Testament times.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I urge you to believe the Bible is God’s Word for sure and act upon the commandments written in it. I pray in the name of the Lord that by doing so you will meet the living God all the time and receive blessings from Him and you will share love with Him forever as His true child.

Message of Cross 3 – God the Almighty

Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee

“Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh; is anything too difficult for Me?” (Jeremiah 32:27)

God the Creator is from everlasting to everlasting, perfect, omniscient, and He is the almighty God who is able to do anything. For these reasons, throughout the Bible there are found time and time again the mentioning of signs and wonders which no man is capable of manifesting.

Such works of the almighty God have been manifested in different generations by people of God whom He Himself set forth, and God continues to show us the wonders of His power even today. Jesus told us in John 4:48, “Unless you people see signs and wonders, you simply will not believe.” People are unable to believe in God without witnessing His power embedded in such signs and wonders.

1. God the Omniscient knows everything

God knows not only our words and deeds but also our hearts and even the thoughts that are flashing through our minds. This is because He created us as written in Psalm 139:13 which reads, “For You formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother’s womb.” Also, He knows things that are happening now and foresees things to come.

In the Bible there are many prophecies concerning the coming of the Savior of mankind, the destruction and re-establishment of Israel, and the things that take place at the end of the age. These prophecies have been faithfully fulfilled. Moreover, through the people who are deemed proper in God’s sight, God reveals the things that are to take place. Amos 3:7 says, “Surely the LORD God does nothing unless He reveals His secret counsel to His servants the prophets.”

Even today, God reveals the things that are to come through the people who communicate with Him in depth. I have also relayed many prophecies that God had revealed to this church. For instance, I predicted the election of Taewoo Roh as president of South Korea in 1987, and that he would be succeeded by Presidents Youngsam Kim and Daejung Kim. I had also predicted the election of Ronald Reagan as president of the United States and Margaret Thatcher as prime minister of the United Kingdom. God had also revealed to me in advance of the deaths of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi of India and General Secretary Chernenko of the former Soviet Union.

I have also prophesied on the price of crude oil and the future of the Middle East, and how the three major countries and blocs—i.e., the United States, the European Union, and the formerly Communist and Communist-controlled nations of China and Russia would be solidified into three contending forces in the world. I have also predicted the failure of South Korea’s “sunshine policy” aimed at engaging the North, and how the North would open its doors temporarily, but soon close them again.

I have prophesied about many other topics and events, and every one of them has been fulfilled or is in the works of being fulfilled. Our God, who knows the flow of the current and the future of world history, also knows the future that lies ahead in each of your lives. By committing every aspect of your life to God the Almighty, I urge you to always walk the path of prosperity and blessing.

2. The omnipotent power of God as recorded in the Bible

God gave Ten Plagues to Egypt through Moses prior to the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. Also, by His power, the Red Sea was split in two, water came out from a rock, and bitter water at Marah changed into sweet water. By His power, Elijah prophesied a severe drought would last for three and a half years. And when he prayed to God earnestly, He gave the answer with fire and allowed for a heavy rain. Through His power, dead men were raised.

In the time of New Testament, those works of God the Almighty also took place. Jesus raised the dead man Lazarus, opened the eyes of the blind, He healed the sick and people with infirmities, and He healed demon-possessed people. He also calmed the wind and the sea, and walked on the water.

Even after Jesus’ resurrection and ascension, God’s power was manifested through Jesus’ disciples as well. In the case of Apostle Peter, people carried the sick out into the streets, so that when Peter came by at least his shadow might fall on any one of them (Acts 5:15). In Apostle Paul’s case, when handkerchiefs or aprons were even carried from his body to the sick, the diseases left them and the evil spirits went out (Acts 19:11-12).

By manifesting amazing power that is beyond men’s capability, God desires all people to meet Him and reach salvation.

3. God the Almighty works even today

The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). Thus, God’s power through Jesus Christ can be manifested even in our time

Manifestations of such powerful works of God have been taking place at our church, Manmin Central Church, since its founding. Testimonies to the healing of all sorts of incurable diseases are being received from all over the world every week. An astounding fact is that so many people have experienced the healing of their diseases and weaknesses not only when they received my prayer in person but also when they received my prayer only on the Internet or through GCN.

Many married couples, who were childless for years and even dozens of years, have come to give birth. From abroad, many prayer requests and photographs of the sick are received via fax or e-mail and when I pray with my hands on people’s names or photographs, the power of God takes place transcending space and time. Whenever I hold special revival meetings in Korea or overseas crusades, I prayed for the sick from the stage because I was unable to lay my hands on each of them. Still, a myriad of people have received healing at the same time and given glory to God. Countless more people, who were unable to attend such revival meetings or crusades in person, have testified to their healings by just attending them on the Internet, via satellite, or on television. After the crusades, a great number of people all around the world sent their testimonies by fax or email.

Now let’s look into wonders God the Almighty has manifested. At times of summer retreats or special events, the Manmin members have experienced the ways in which God governed the weather. When I prayed with faith, at times pouring rains stopped and other times clouds gathered from the four corners of the sky to shield Manmin members from the scorching sunlight when preparing for outdoor activities. It is impossible to compute the exact number of evidences or instances in which our church and its members have seen and experienced the healing of diseases and infirmities, extraordinary miracles, signs, and wonders in nature involving clouds, stars, and rainbows.

Such amazing works are still happening today because of the love of God who wants to not only set us free from diseases and answer our prayer but also open the way of salvation for all people.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, even today, the living God manifests all kinds of things that are simply beyond the capacity of man. I pray in the name of the Lord that by believing in this almighty God, you will give glory to Him and lead countless souls to the way of salvation.

Message of Cross 2 – I Am Who I Am

Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee

“God said to Moses,’I AM WHO I AM’; and He said, ‘Thus you shall say to the sons of Israel, “I AM has sent me to you”‘” (Exodus 3:14).

In our Christian life, it is very important to understand who God is.

Some believers say with their lips that they believe God, but they do not feel His love and have no assurance of salvation. Only when we know the origin of God can we have close relationship with God and live a Spirit-filled life with the assurance of salvation.

1. God Who is without beginning and without end is “I AM WHO I AM”

In everything man has learned and experienced, there are always “a beginning” and “an end.” For instance, men and animals have a beginning and an end. Their beginning is marked by the birth by their parents and their end is marked by when and how they die. No matter how old an antique object may be, it was produced at some point by someone and all historical events have had a beginning and an end.

Because of this some people ask, “Who created God?” or “From what point has God been present and what was there before Him?” And some others think and wonder about how God first came into being as if there had to have been a beginning point of His existence. However, if God the Creator and the Absolute did have such a beginning, that in itself would have been the most bizarre thing of all.

If God had begun an existence at some point in history, people would obviously think about things that may have preceded God and the time before His presence. God could neither be the Creator nor the Absolute if someone else had created or given birth to Him. Therefore, if God is indeed absolute and perfect, He must be without a beginning or an end and must have existed on His own.

Concerning who God is, He said to Moses in Exodus 3:14, “I AM WHO I AM”. No one gave birth to God or created Him. God has been present from everlasting, the time before eternity to everlasting (beyond eternity).

2. God existed as light and sound but became the Trinity of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit

In what shape or image did our God, who had been present from the time before eternity, exist? John 1:1 tells us, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

Here, the phrase “In the beginning” refers to the time well before things in the universe were created, when God existed by Himself. It symbolizes an age a mere creature man could never understand with his limited experience or knowledge. Concerning this God who has been present by Himself from before eternity, John 1:1 tells us that “the Word was God.” He had not yet taken on any particular form but existed as the Word itself, and this is the “sound.”

1 John 1:5 also tells us, “This is the message we have heard from Him and announce to you, that God is Light, and in Him there is no darkness at all.” There is spiritual significance embedded in terms “light” and “darkness.” The term “darkness” encompasses everything that is not truthful but unrighteous, lawless, and sinful, while the term “light” refers to everything that is truthful such as love, goodness, righteousness, and the like. Yet, God is not only “Light” in spiritual terms but He also existed as light during this time “before”.

God who is the Word existed in the midst of such a beautiful and wondrous light with a clear and transparent sound. He existed in the midst of an inconceivably beautiful light and as a transparent, mellow, soft, majestic, and thunderous voice that resounded throughout the universe.

Then at the time of His choosing, God, who had existed as light and sound, entertained a heart to create man; God wanted someone with whom He could share love. In order to accomplish all the plans regarding human cultivation, God the Origin first formed Himself into “God the Trinity”: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit.

From this time on God the Origin took on a more concrete image as God the Trinity. And, as recorded in Genesis 1:26, we know what He looked like: “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness.” In other words, when God the Trinity made man, He made man in His image. Man’s outward appearance was created in God’s image and man’s heart was created to resemble God’s heart. However, from the time that Adam sinned, man’s heart that had taken after the heart of God, has been altered for the worse and it gradually became far distanced from God.

3. Only “I AM WHO I AM” is the object of our worship

Unlike man who is a mere creature, God exists on His own from everlasting to everlasting. Only “I AM WHO I AM” is the true and perfect God and only He must be the object of our worship and love. Yet, some people do not know this God and thus worship idols that have been made by man. Such individuals carve and form objects made of gold, silver, wood, and rock; and then they bow before them!

Suppose a child to whom you gave birth could not recognize you and went up to strangers and began calling out to them, “Mom!” or “Dad!” How disappointed and hurt you would be in your heart. By the same token, can you imagine how disappointed and hurt God the Creator would be if you served some idol that had been invented by man? For this reason, God detests idol worshipping.

In Exodus 20:3-5 God tells us, “You shall have no other gods before Me. You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth. You shall not worship them or serve them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children, on the third and the fourth generations of those who hate Me.” For only God who is “I AM WHO I AM” is the one true Deity, we must worship and serve only Him.

There is one more thing you should keep in mind here. The Savior Jesus who came into this world is the same as God the Creator. No man or woman could be His parent. Of course, when Jesus entered this world to become the Savior, He donned flesh and was born of a virgin.

Even then, however, we read in Matthew 1:18, “When His mother Mary had been betrothed to Joseph, before they came together she was found to be with child by the Holy Spirit.” The reason Mary is referred here as Jesus’ “mother” is only because this account was recorded by one of Jesus’ disciples. Jesus was not born with any hereditary influences that were passed down to Him from Joseph’s sperm or Mary’s egg. He was born by the power of the Holy Spirit. God merely used the Virgin Mary in pregnancy as an instrument to carry the Savior.

In many places of the Bible we see Jesus calling the Virgin Mary “Woman” but not “Mother”. Nowhere does He call her “mother”. No woman, who is a mere creature, can ever be the mother of God the Creator. Some people worship and praise the Virgin Mary as if they were worshipping God Himself. However, here you must remember that no creature can ever be the object of our worship. You must remember always that except for God the Trinity nothing can become the object of our worship.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, God who is “I AM WHO I AM” existed as light and sound in the beginning. In order to gain true children with whom He can share love forever, He created man and started human cultivation. For the human cultivation, He began to exist as God the Trinity. I pray in the name of the Lord that by always keeping in mind that God the Creator alone is the true God and only in worshipping Him, you will lead a blessed life in Christ.

Message of Cross 1 – God the Creator

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1).

If you are a Christian, you must clearly understand why God the Creator put the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden, why Jesus is the only Savior for mankind, and why God made Hell.

Churches should give the answers to the questions about these three topics and teach believers the providence of salvation in the cross that covers the profound and mysterious things that were hidden before ages. Only then can they possess true faith. Above all, they should know God the Creator clearly.

1. God who created the heavens, the earth, and all things in them

Some people in this world claim that there is no god. There are others who worship gods that men made up with their imaginations or some images of creatures. But the one and only true Deity is our God the Creator.

Even though He may not be visible to our naked eyes, God truly exists. He is the Creator and the Governor of everything in the universe including mankind and He is the Judge. He transcends man, who is a mere creature and He is immeasurable. It is no easy task for man to explain God. Even with much deliberation or examination, man in his limited knowledge cannot wholly understand God. But the Bible gives a clear answer to all this.

Genesis 1:1 tells us, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” From the state of nothingness, in six days God created the heavens and the earth by His Word alone, and on the sixth and final day of the creation, He created Adam, the first man of all mankind.

Because man was created by God, he instinctively feels and recognizes the existence of some supernatural being from the depths of his heart. We find in Ecclesiastes 3:11, “He has made everything appropriate in its time. He has also set eternity in their heart.” By God having set “eternity in their heart,” people with a good conscience acknowledge and seek some kind of deity even without hearing or knowing about God.

Romans 1:20 reads, “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.” As this verse reminds us, even without seeing God in person, we can know that God the Creator is alive and that there is only one Creator.

2. The evidences that enable us to believe God the Creator

First, people of different races and ethnic groups in this world may look different, speak different languages, come from different cultural backgrounds, and have different colors of skin. However, each individual on the earth is the same in that everyone has two eyes, two ears, one nose, and one mouth and these parts are located in identical positions for all men. Moreover, while there are slight differences among animals, birds, insects, and fish according to their specific characteristics, in essence, their appearance is identical in formation which attests to their having been designed and formed by the one and only Creator.

If there had been several creators, each of them may have determined and created form and functions of men and animals according to each of their personal preferences. On the other hand, proponents of the theory of evolution claim that mankind evolved from higher animals, which in turn have evolved from lower life forms. However, as we find in Genesis 1:21, “And God created the great sea monsters, and every living creature that moves, with which the waters swarmed after their kind, and every winged bird after its kind; and God saw that it was good,” from the beginning God created everything according to its own kind.

Creatures on land did not evolve from fish, and birds did not evolve from creatures on land. Man did not evolve from an ape; an ape was created as an ape from the beginning, and man was created as man from the beginning. Of all creatures, man alone was made in God’s image with a spirit, a soul, and a body. No matter how closely an ape may resemble a human being, that ape cannot understand or worship God the way a human being with a spirit is able to worship Him.

Next, the evidence found in natural phenomena attests to “God the Creator” all too clearly. With Earth’s rotation and revolution, various yet systematic phenomena including the change of night and day, four seasons, high and low tides, and the circulation of the air take place.

Celestial positioning and movement have been established to create the most suitable and appropriate environment to sustain all life forms, including human beings. The distance between the sun and the earth, or the distance between the earth and the moon is the most appropriate: the sun, the earth, and the moon are neither too far nor too close from each other and, without even a slightest error, have been systematically rotating and revolving for a very long time. The universe was not accidentally created by some “Big Bang” as opponents of the evolution theory propose.

For instance, we know that a clock consists of a myriad of parts that have been elaborately assembled and operates accordingly. Suppose someone argued, “At the time of a volcanic eruption, all the parts in this clock came together on their own and began operating.” Would anyone believe that story? Now, then, how could this universe in which we live, the universe that is infinitely more elaborate than a clock, have come into existence on its own and begun operating in such an orderly fashion?

All this is possible because everything in the universe has been designed, created, and is in operation by the wisdom of God. For these reasons, no one can give an excuse to God on the Judgment Day, saying, “I didn’t think You really exist!”

3. Reasons people are unable to believe in God

Why, then, do people still refuse to believe in God even as they witness such clear evidences of creation? People tend to only believe in things that are visible to their eyes and tangible in their hands. They accept things they can understand with their knowledge and thought. They will not believe in the existence of an invisible God, biblical signs and wonders, or the like, all of which are beyond man’s capacity. However, everything in the Bible is true.

Just as Jesus tells us in John 4:48, “Unless you people see signs and wonders, you simply will not believe,” only when people witness signs and wonders that are not possible by man’s capabilities will their knowledge and frames of thought be shattered. When people see, hear, and experience things which no man is capable of doing, they will come to acknowledge the fact that God’s Word is the truth.

By countless manifestations of His power, God has repeatedly revealed to biblical figures that He exists. To Egypt’s unbelieving Pharaoh and his retainers, God revealed Himself through the Ten Plagues. Our Lord Jesus proved that He was the Son of God through manifestation of signs and wonders, while Apostle Paul healed the sick and the weak, drove out demons, and revived the dead in the name of Jesus Christ.

Manifestations of God’s work are necessary in our generation as well. For unbelievers, God’s power is sure proof by which they can be led to believe in the living God the Creator. Since its founding, countless signs and wonders have been manifested at Manmin Central Church and manifestations of God’s power of greater magnitude have been taking place with the passing of time.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, the evidence that attests to God’s existence is clearly revealed in every creature in the universe, in signs and wonders, and in manifestations of His power. By fearing God and living by His commandments, I pray in the name of the Lord that you will experience God’s work and give glory to Him without restraint.

“God Is Truly Alive!”

Taedeok Kwon (69, 9th Parish)

One day, I got nervous when I heard some bad rumors about the church that my wife was attending. I objected her attending her church very much but she wouldn’t listen, so I decided to go there myself, find out their wrong points and persuade her to stop attending. 
When I entered the main gate for Sunday morning service, I saw the smiles on the faces of the members who were humbly greeting one another in neat and clean suits or Hanbok, Korean traditional dress. In the main sanctuary I was overwhelmed by the music of Nissi Orchestra. The ushers guided me very kindly as if I was their relative. 
When the worship service began, I paid attention to everything that was said to find faults, but sermon of Rev. Jaerock Lee touched my heart even though I knew nothing about the Bible. I went there a couple more times but I couldn’t find anything wrong. Eventually I registered as a member in September 2012. 

Being Healed of Complication of Traffic Accident 

I had never been a believer, so I didn’t even want to talk with believers. But when the Senior Pastor was delivering the message with tears saying there is heaven and hell and we should truly believe in the Lord, I made up my mind to quit all the worldly things and live by the word of God. 
In fact, I got involved in a traffic accident and fell into a coma when I was 24. After that, sometimes I had unbearable pain in my hip-joint, which I dealt with painkillers. It went on for years. When I sat on a chair for a long time, the hip-joint wouldn’t go back to the right place, so I had to limp for more than 10 minutes. 
I really wanted to be healed of this problem through the baptism ceremony. I fasted in the morning and stopped taking all my medicines. I earnestly prayed until the baptism day. 
On the next Sunday, the Senior Pastor gave the benediction after the service, and I felt the heat coming up from my calves. I felt like I was drunk and my heart was pounding even to cause something similar to short breath. 
I knew the fire of the Holy Spirit fell on me, so I kept on saying, “Father God, thank You!” Then, the pain in my left leg disappeared and the hip-joint problem was also gone. I came to walk normally. Hallelujah!

Works of the Holy Spirit Continuing 

From 2017, I could feel something in my lower right jaw. I sometimes had sharp pain, and the doctor suggested surgical removal. In early May that year, once I had a cell group worship service in my house serving them with nice food and with all my heart. And I think God accepted it with joy. 
Around 3 PM the next day, I could hear some sharp noise in my right ear. I was surprised but I felt God was healing me, and I just gave thanks to Him. When I woke up the day after that, the size of the lump was reduced. It kept on reducing and was gone within days. It was truly amazing. 
Furthermore, in the past, I always felt cloudy in my head and I didn’t feel like I slept at all. I couldn’t walk straight and I always slightly swayed to both sides. However, since I came to our church, everything became normal without my noticing it. 
In the autumn of 2018, I received great blessing once again. I didn’t have my front teeth and molars, so I’d spill food when eating. I couldn’t pronounce properly, so others wouldn’t understand me well. I couldn’t fix them due to financial reasons. 
My wife Choonok Nam also used dentures for a long time so it’d come off often. She couldn’t chew hard or tough things. However, the senior pastor provided us with the dental expenses so that we could be set free from the pains. Hallelujah!
I give glory to God for bringing me to this love-filled church in this generation in which goodness is hard to come by. I also give thanks to the Senior Pastor who is guiding us to the way of heaven. 

Ultrasound Pictures

god is alive

After Prayer: The lump in the right lower jaw disappeared
¡ã¡ã Before Prayer: A 0.5cm lump is present in the right lower jaw

“Voluntary services add to my happiness on Sundays”

We have the ‘Manmin Volunteers Group’. They take care of traffic control,
dining hall services, washing dishes, usher’s duty, parking lot guide duty,
helping the sick with their wheelchairs, cleaning the sanctuaries, etc. Choonoo Lee (3rd parish) received
‘2018 Excellence Award’ of our church for his 27 years of faithful voluntary services.

His Daughter’s Atopic Dermatitis Healed by Prayer

Listening to the sermons of the Senior Pastor Rev. Jaerock lee in this church, I felt that they were the true words of God that could help me lead a proper Christian life. They taught me what sins are and how we can cast off sins in detail.
One day my daughter broke out with atopic dermatitis, but she was completely healed without any medical treatment after receiving the Senior Pastor’s prayer twice.
After I experienced this power of God through my daughter, I was filled with the Spirit even more, and I wanted to do something for the church. I joined the volunteer’s group in the church and have been doing the traffic control duty for the past 27 years.

I always thought about what the Lord would do

As a general secretary of the Manmin Volunteer’s Group I try to watch over general aspects of the church on top of the traffic control duty. I make sure the church members are comfortable in attending worship services and having lunch.
I’ve felt the love of the Lord through our Senior Pastor Rev. Jaerock lee who always cherishes and serves the church members.
While performing our duties all the volunteers including myself always think of what the Lord Jesus and what our senior pastor would do in the various situations. We do our voluntary work with faith and love for God and we are happy working.
Manmin Volunteers’ Group is literally a group of volunteers, meaning no one forced them to do voluntary services. All the members try their best with the desire to serve the church members.
We go back home late at night on Sundays, and I feel very much rewarded and I get the feeling of happiness throughout the week.
Above all, we’re happy because we know this earth is not everything, and we have the hope for New Jerusalem.

Health and prosperity as the whole family is faithful

I’m quite embarrassed to have received the Excellence Award. There are many other volunteers who serve the members behind the scenes, and I believe I received it on their behalf. I made up my mind to keep the Lord’s grace in my mind and work more faithfully.
My whole family has been so healthy that we never went to the hospital or take any medicines for the past 27 years. I am a volunteer, my wife is a pastor, and my daughter is a member of Crystal Singers. We are serving the kingdom of God faithfully. My wife is in charge of the 2nd Chinese parish that had a revival, and for that my wife also received Excellence Award as a pastor.
And God is blessing my work, too. Above all, I give all thanks and glory to God the Father for the blessing that my whole family is living with hope of New Jerusalem.

Healed of Keratohelcosis

Sejin Lim (Age 50, Jeonju Manmin Church)

On January 19, 2019, some dust went into my left eye while mowing the grass. It was itchy and the eye reddened. Next day, there was pain and tears were running down. On the 21st, my eye was filled with pus, and I couldn’t read even big letters. There were also blisters in the eye.
I got a diagnosis and the doctor said it seemed to be fungal ulceration of the cornea, which was very difficult to cure and could lead to loss of sight. However, I heard there was going to be a special healing session in Manmin Central Church, so I went to Seoul on the 23rd and attended the Manmin Prayer Center meeting.
In the past, I was involved in a traffic accident that caused my rib to be fractured in May 2005. But when I received Rev. Lee’s prayer just once, I was completely healed, even including my insomnia. For this reason I didn’t want to rely on medicine at all. That night during the Daniel prayer meeting I realized why God could not protect me.
God always wants to give only good things to His children. However, I wasn’t thankful and I complained about many things. I departed from God and had the desires to take the meaningless things of the world. God poured down His grace on me. Whenever I repented with hot tears, I felt fire came upon my body.
On the 24th, I attended the Manmin Prayer Center meeting where I sang the praises and listened to the message earnestly. As I repented, I kept on shedding tears during the praises, and I felt the fire of the Holy Spirit came upon my face.
The Prayer Center director Mrs. Boknim Lee prayed for me with the handkerchief on which Rev. Lee prayed (Acts 19:11-12), and the itchiness and pain disappeared. I went outside to have dinner, and to my amazement I could read all the letters of the signs of the shops.
On January 25, in the special healing session in the Friday all-night service, my heart was filled with passion right from the praise songs. After I received the handkerchief prayer of Pastor Soojin Lee, I felt my whole body was refreshed and my eye condition recovered even more. I received a test on the 28th. There was no pus in the eye and the doctor said I was healed more than 90%.
After that, I prepared for the next special healing session in February with repentance and fasting. I felt the fire of the Holy Spirit once again, and my eye could see everything clearly Hallelujah!

Cornea Pictures

Before Prayer: Abscess due to Keratohelcosis
After Prayer: Abscess receded, only trace of inflammation remains.

Flame of the Holy Spirit in Venezuela!

Victor Giménez (Age 45, Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela)

One day in 2010 I heard about the revival in Seoul, South Korea. I came across the website of Manmin Central Church during an Internet search. I was greatly impressed by the powerful works of God manifested by the Senior Pastor Rev. Jaerock Lee. I read his sermon series lectures ‘The Message of the Cross’, ‘Measure of Faith’, ‘Heaven’, ‘Hell’, and ‘Genesis’ after work.
I registered in Manmin Central Church on the Internet and attended the Sunday Morning Service of Manmin Central Church real-time on Saturday nights through GCN TV. I also had fellowship with Pastor David Jang of Colombia Manmin Church. I had earnest desire that we’d have a Manmin Church in Venezuela.
As I learned the will of God about keeping the Lord’s Day holy and the importance of holiness through the Senior Pastor’s messages, I couldn’t help myself spreading it to my friends. I also shared Manmin News and The Message of the Cross CDs with pastors. I shared the holiness gospel on SNS as well.

Local Sanctuary Opened

On March 27, 2018, the first local sanctuary in Venezuela opened in Ciudad Guayana. We are attending the Sunday services and the Daniel Prayer Meetings of Colombia Manmin Church on YouTube live broadcast.
Through the video of Prayer for the Sick of Rev. Jaerock Lee and through Pastor David Jang’s prayers with the handkerchief on which Rev. Jaerock Lee prayed (Acts 19:11-12), various paralyses, blood circulation problems, arrhythmia, kidney failure, sinus infections – a myriad of complications were healed.
Karelis Soto Aleman (37) came to Sunday worship with a 5cm cyst in her ovary but it disappeared after receiving prayer. The boy Eduardo Gomez (12) was healed of retention of fluid, belly swelling and yellowish color with low tension. Sister Dolvis de Zerpa had cervical pain, but when she received prayer a fire took something from her and she was healed. My family is also healthy all the time!

Word of Life and Fiery Works of the Holy Spirit

Pastor David Jang visited Venezuela in July 2018. I invited people from nearby areas and cities to the worship service. Through the messages and prayer for the sick, many diseases were healed including AIDS, hernias, and headaches. Pastor Franklin Valencia gathered about 100 pastors who received the handkerchief prayer. They recovered good eyesight and pains were gone.
In September, we had an outdoor meeting for healing and miracles in Guayana Plaza, which was attended by more than a thousand people. Fiery works of the Holy Spirit took place. People stood up from wheelchairs to walk; skin diseases and breast cancer were healed.
There were pastors’ seminars in Guayana that had 300 attendants, and another pastors’ seminar with 200 pastors in Yaracuy State. They were blessed by the messages and various diseases were healed. Through these the 2nd Manmin local sanctuary was established in Valencia, Carabobo State.

Love of God and Joy of Salvation

In March 2019, Pastor Jang made his 3rd missionary trip to Venezuela. The pastors there showed how much they longed for the holiness gospel and ministry of Manmin. There was a pouring out of God’s grace and the works of the Holy Spirit. I am so happy that the 3rd Manmin local sanctuary was opened in Coloncito.
I am so honored to work together in the ministry of Manmin in Venezuela to fulfill God’s providence at the end time. I give all thanks and glory to God the Trinity who is at work yesterday, today, and forever.

My Life Turned Around By Love on the Cross

Maxim Chubachuk(24, Moldova Manmin Church)

I went to church since childhood. I played in the Christian Orchestra, too. But going to church was just a habit and I lived in sins. Sometimes I wanted to stop sinning and repented, but I couldn’t control my sinful desires.
One day, I met Brother Alexander Tabaranu in the Orchestra. He had turned into a devout Christian since he heard the holiness gospel. One day in 2014, he asked me many questions. They were from The Message of the Cross preached by Rev. Jaerock Lee.
“Why did God make the tree of knowledge of good and evil?”
“Why did Jesus wear the crown of thorns?”
“Why was Jesus nailed through His hands and feet?”
I found the questions interesting and I wanted to find out the answers. After I heard the answers to them, my yearning for the truth was set ablaze.
He gave me sermons and books of Rev. Lee and I listened to The Message of the Cross. I was filled with joy and happiness. I realized it was the true word of God and registered in Manmin Central Church on the Internet. I tried to live by God’s word.
I learned more of Rev. Lee’s messages and shared them with my family and friends. Next year, my mother and sister also registered in the church. Hallelujah!

My mother Natalia Chubachuk had bacterial eczema that constantly produced infection and drainage on her hand. There was also bleeding.
Once she was admitted to the hospital for 5 weeks. The doctors said there was no cure. She had to take medicines all the time.
While listening to the sermons, she heard Rev. Lee saying, “You can cast away sins through fervent prayers, and you’ll be set free from diseases to the extent that you are sanctified.” She believed it and prayed about it every night. Then she received Rev. Lee’s prayer for the sick on video, and her hands were made clean, without any medicines!
Furthermore, once she had fever and lethargy. She had to lie on bed all day long. However, she recovered and got up right away after receiving prayer for the sick of Rev. Lee.
Since she was healed of her bacterial eczema that she’d had for 23 years, she has been doing voluntary work in the church dining hall and carrying out the work of evangelism. My sister is a member of the dancing team, and I am working as a broadcasting engineer in the church.
When I heard about the importance of holiness, I believed there’d be guaranteeing works of God if the word came from God, and if it didn’t, there wouldn’t be any following work.
And God has been showing us amazing signs and wonders through His power. I am sure the holiness gospel is genuinely God’s. When I tried to put into practice what I learned from Rev. Lee, I realized the true love of God and received resolution to the problem of sin, which resulted in change in my life.
I give all thanks and glory to God the Father and our Lord who give us only good things, and I also give thanks to the Senior Pastor for leading us to the truth through the word of life.