A Good Church Brought Happiness

Beomsoo Lee (72, Chinese 1st Parish)

I went to church for a long time in China, but I took up drinking and smoking. I also often fought with my wife. I had sciatic neuralgia and arthritis and I couldn’t walk without a cane. I had high BP and stomach problems as well.
In 2013, I watched a worship service of Manmin Central Church in Korea on GCN TV. The sermons of Rev. Jaerock Lee were easy to understand, and as I listened to them every week, little by little I gained faith.
I repented of my wrongdoings in the past and quit smoking and drinking, too. I was also healed of sciatic neuralgia, arthritis, hypertension, and the stomach problems! Hallelujah!
In October 2014, I went to Korea because I wanted to go to Manmin Central Church in person. That winter, I was healed of my excruciating shoulder pain. My wife Seon Guem Cho was also healed of insomnia, heart disease, and gastritis. The Lord was good to us.
From 2017, the church began to provide financial support to us since we were retired and couldn’t find work. In addition, the Senior Pastor supported the senior church members who couldn’t afford dental treatment. I couldn’t afford dental treatments although I couldn’t eat properly, and I received his support for it too.
The dental work took 2 months from December last year. I got my dentures and crowns, and now I can eat anything freely. I am so happy that I feel like I recovered my youth. With my gratitude I share Manmin News with my neighbors and offer my voluntary services for Chinese parish dining hall on Sundays.
I recovered my health and gained hope of heaven. I give all thanks and glory to God who blessed me and guided me to this good church.

“Ringing In My Ear Disappeared!”

Jong Eun Kim (83, 16th Parish)

Probably because I used to listen to music with earphones, I had ringing noises in my left ear by 2017. The noise was like chirping of insects and irregular at first, but later it was there constantly.
I could understand only about 60% of what the people were saying due to the noise. It was very uncomfortable for me. I just thought to myself, “It’s natural I have this condition because I am pretty old.”
In 2019, I read the testimonies of church members who were giving glory to God for the divine healings they experienced. I wanted to be healed by faith, too. I attended all of the 2-Term Consecutive Special Daniel Prayer Meeting. As I prayed every night with all my heart, I gained peace in mind and I was filled with the Lord’s grace.
I also attended the Manmin Prayer Center meetings in the morning. On March 28, Mrs. Lee the director of Prayer Center prayed for me with the handkerchief on which the Senior Pastor Rev. Jaerock Lee prayed (Acts 19:11-12).
In the Special Healing Session in the Friday all-night service on March 29, I received Pastor Soojin Lee’s handkerchief prayer for the whole congregation.
After the Friday all-night service, I returned home and went to bed. When I got up, I realized the noise was gone and I could hear clearly.
How refreshed and light I felt! I was sure that God accepted and answered my prayers during the 2-Term Consecutive Daniel Prayer Meetings that I offered with all my heart.
Also, I had ‘floaters’ in my left eye. I always saw something like mayflies flying around. After the Special Healing Session, the condition has become much better now. Hallelujah!
I give all thanks and glory to God the Father who has healed me. I give thanks for the Lord’s grace for leading me to this precious church that is overflowing with the evidence of the living God.

“The Tumor on My Tongue Has Reduced Significantly!”

Hiwatasi Mikiko (69, Yamagata Manmin Church, Japan)

My palate became dull since about a year ago. It wasn’t easy to cook. I felt somewhat uncomfortable eating, too. I noticed a lump on the left of my tongue on March 26, 2019.
I went to a hospital the next day. The doctor suspected tongue cancer and told me to get a complete medical checkup in a university hospital.
However, I had seen so many works of God’s power manifested through the prayers of Rev. Jaerock Lee and I also experienced the love of God who always protected me in my life. I didn’t want to rely on the world. Instead, I wanted to be healed in the forthcoming Special Divine Healing Session on March 29.
Last winter, I fell and hit my shoulder and face on the paved road, and yet, I was completely protected by God. At that time the 2-Term Consecutive Special Daniel Prayer Meetings were going on, so I prepared for the Special Divine Healing Session with earnest prayers. The members of Yamagata Manmin Church also interceded for me with their love.
On March 27, after the Wednesday service, I consulted Elder Jekyoo Ju about my situation. He suggested I repent of not giving thanks in all things, being negative and disobeying God’s word, and then I prepare for the Special Healing Session with fasting and prayers. Then, he prayed for me earnestly with the handkerchief on which the Senior Pastor prayed (Acts 19:11-12).
I offered up fasting and prayers with a desperate and repenting heart. I professed my faith saying, “Father God, thank You for healing me!” while receiving the prayer of the Senior Pastor recorded in Automated Telephone Response System.
On March 29, I attended the Friday all-night service on GCN TV(www.gcntv.org), and with faith received the handkerchief prayer of Pastor Soojin Lee. Then, I could check something amazing took place transcending time and space.
I felt good when receiving the prayer because I was sure that I was healed. Later, when I checked my tongue, the tumor’s size reduced significantly. The coating on the tongue also receded. Hallelujah!
I have since gotten my sense of taste back and can taste flavors. Cooking is such a great joy now. This event let me gain greater faith. I realized once again what great blessing it is to live a life in the love and protection of God the Father.
I also made up my mind to cultivate holiness of heart and enter the city of New Jerusalem. I give all thanks and glory to the living God the Father and our Lord.

Palm Sunday

Today we talk about Palm Sunday today.

The palm tree has the meaning of victory.
Palm Sunday means the day Jesus entered Jerusalem to save people through crucified on the cross.

That time, Israel was under the ruling of Rome. So most of Israel thought that Jesus will become political king of Israel, to save them from Rome.

John 12:13
They took palm branches and went out to meet him, shouting, “Hosanna!” “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” “Blessed is the King of Israel!”
When Jesus was entering Jerusalem, People wave the palm tree as a symbol of victory and welcome him. We remember the day Jesus entered Jerusalem. Call as a Palm Sunday.

As mention in the Bible Zechariah 9:9
Rejoice greatly, O Daughter of Zion! Shout, Daughter of Jerusalem! See, your king comes to you, righteous and having salvation, gentle and riding on a donkey, on a colt, the foal of a donkey.
Jesus rides a donkey when he entered Jerusalem. Israel welcome him as king and shout that “Hosanna” that meaning is “please save us”

Here one thing we have to remember is People who shout “Hosanna”
after some day. They shout that “Crucified him. Crucify Jesus, Crucify Jesus on the Cross” Jesus knew that they will betray, and they will request to Rome to crucify him. But Jesus forgave them and loves them.

We need to keep the grace and love of Jesus Christ in our heart. And we never betray him again.

Hearing Impairment and Ear Noise Healed

Brother Kailash(Age 26, Indore, India)

I lost hearing in my left ear after a fight with one of my friends in Feb. 2017. I lost confidence because it restricted my communication with others. I was always nervous I might lose my hearing in the right ear as well.
In August 2018, while surfing on the YouTube, I saw the prayer for the sick of Rev. Jaerock Lee. I was impressed by his earnest prayer and I called the number on the video, Delhi Manmin Church.
Pastor John Kim suggested I listen to the series “Message of the Cross” by Rev. Jaerock Lee. I learned about why God placed the tree of knowledge, why God cultivates human beings, and the providence of salvation through Jesus Christ.
I had been a Christian but only nominally. However, listening to those messages I was filled with happiness and joy because my spiritual thirst was quenched. I began to attend the live-broadcast of Manmin Central Church’s worship services on GCNTV Hindi channel, which changed my life.
On Jan. 14, 2019, there was a meeting of viewers of GCNTV Hindi channel, which I attended after fasting for a day. Pastor John Kim delivered a message and prayed for us with the handkerchief on which Rev. Jaerock Lee prayed (Acts 19:11-12). I could feel right at that moment that the hearing in my left ear was coming back.
After I fasted for 3 days, I attended the special healing session in the Friday all-night service on Jan. 25. After the handkerchief prayer of Pastor Soojin Lee, I was able to hear very well. Hallelujah!
I prepared for this special healing session in February with prayers, listening to the Senior Pastor’s sermons “Message of the Cross” and “Love Chapter”. I realized I had loved the world and I had been full of hatred and anger. I repented of them. I was happy that I could realize my sins through the messages. After I received the prayer in the special healing session on Feb. 22 Friday all-night service, the ear noise was also gone.
As I shared my testimony and the living God with the people around me, now 15-20 people attend the live broadcast of worship services together on GCNTV Hindi channel. The senior pastor’s messages are true words of life that can’t be found anywhere else. I’d like to become an instrument to spread this blessed messages to numerous souls in India.

“My sister was demon-possessed, but she is now normal!

Brother Sandeep (Age 18, Gorakhpur, India)

My sister, Anita, had been demon-possessed for the past year. She would curse and scream at family members and throw tantrums.
I performed exorcism and I did everything what I can do. I thought she was going to be OK but she didn’t get better. She’d say unspeakable things to the family members. She tried to commit suicide and we had to tie her up. In January 2018, my uncle introduced Jesus Christ and GCN TV Hindi channel on YouTube. I got Pastor John’s number and whenever my sister had an episode, I called him to receive handkerchief prayer (Acts 19:11-12) that calmed her down.
Since then, my family listened to Rev. Jaerock Lee’s sermon series ‘Message of the Cross’ and the ‘Ten Commandments’ on GCN TV Hindi channel. We repented of our idolatry and other sins. In January 2019 we, along with our neighbors, attended the live broadcast of Friday all-night service of Manmin Central Church on YouTube. Seeing some of my neighbors getting healed there, I was also convinced that my sister could be healed, too. We listened to the sermons and prayed so that she could be healed in the special divine healing session in February.
On Feb. 22, when receiving the prayer of Pastor Soojin Lee with the handkerchief in the healing session, my sister repented with tears and received the fire of the Holy Spirit. The demon left her, and she is now perfectly normal. Hallelujah!

HIV – I found hope in Christ

My name is Premchand. I am 41 years old. In 2015 I came
to know that I have HIV. And I got surprised and to save my
Life I started to took medicines. But when I took medicine
They started to give adverse effect on my body. After taking
Those medicine always I felt heaviness in my head.

I came to know about Lord Jejus Christ
In 2018. I started to believe in Lord Jejus Christ. And I
found GCNTV HINDI channel on youtube. And I started
to listen Dr. Jearock Lee’s msg. And one day in message of the
Cross msg. I listened that Father God is Almighty. He can do
Anything. And I listened that disease came because of
Our sin.And I took the decision that I will not take medicine
And I also want to receive healing from almighty God. And I started
To join Sunday live service through GCNTV HINDI. And my health
Became better day by day. In 22 Feb healing meeting when Pastor
Soojin prayed I felt like my body became more healthy and I felt
Like Father God healed me. Because now I days I don’t have headache
Or others problem and I am living happily by the grace of Father God.

Eventhough in this world, Doctors said it is incurable disease
But my symptoms got better after received prayer. And almighty Father
God healed the symptoms of incurable disease I want to give Thanks to
Father God And Lord Jejus Christ. Halleujah…

A new life gained through the believing Jesus Christ

My sister name is anita, she is 12 years old from gorakhpur (Uttar pradesh). From the past one year she was demon possessed. Because we saw first time this problem we took her to the sorcery and they told to us that your sis will be fine very soon. In every 15 days we took her to sorcery and even night time also we around 10 or 12 pm we took her to sorcery. But nothing changed even after 4-5 months.when she was demon possessed we had to tied her with a rope becauss she was to much shouting and abusing.we all family members were in despair. Without knowing what to do to solve this problem. We thought we have to live our whole life like this.we passed many months in the darkness.

Meantime one of our uncle motichand he came from to our village from delhi. i shared my broken heart to him. He told us about lord Jesus christ and GCNTV HINDI channel on youtube. From than we start to listen message of the cross sermon. And whenever my sis was demon possessed she shouted to much and started to abusing all family members. Than we did phone call to Delhi Manmin Church. And through Video calling Pastor Kim prayed for my sister than she became calm.many times we did phone to Delhi Manmin Church whenever my sis was demon possessed.and with love pastor Kim prayed with Powerful Handkerchief for my sis. Pastor kim adviced to us to listen Word of God and repentance. When we were listning message of the Cross and ten commandments we found our sins. We all family members repented for idel worship and my sis anita also repented for anger.we stated to join sunday live service through youtube.and we came to know that there will be healing meeting on 25 jan by Dr. Soojin lee. We also joined healing meeting through youtube. And we saw many patient healed through Dr. Soojin lee prayers. We also gained faith that our sis also can heal completely through Dr. Soojin prayer. And we prepared for next healing meeting on 22 feb with listned word of God and prayers. We joined 22 feb healing meeting. When Dr. Soojin lee prayed my sis repented for hate others and she recieved fire of Holy Spirit.and that time demon went away from my sister. That day my sis recieved peace and happiness in her heart.and we saw smile in her face after a long time.and she is talking with others very well.from that day and till now she is fine and happy. After solved this problem through healing meeting We all family members gained a new life. We are feeling like from past one year we are going in a dark tunnel without knowing what to do to solve this problem but after accepting lord Jesus Christ as our saviour we all family members gained new life and solved our problem through Word of God. We give Thanks to Lord Jesus Christ and Dr. Soojin lee.

I found a ray of Hope and New Life after being acquainted with GCNTV HINDI

I found a ray of Hope and New Life after being acquainted with GCNTV HINDI
I am Phabina wife of Mr Rajen
51 years old
from Shillong, Meghalaya.
When I was a teenager I came to know about Jesus Christ in my hostel, since then I believed in Jesus Christ. After completing my education, On 1st January 2000 I got married to a non believer husband (Mr. Rajan).
It was a time, when my husband used to work in a private company but because he was not able to earn enough, therefore he left that job in 2005. However, to start with a new work, we planned to start a new travelling business. Therefore I borrowed some money from my relatives to buy a Car, and husband then, started driving it & earned some money. But unfortunately in 2006, my husband’s Intracranial Pressure increased which resulted to dizziness and head heaviness. On consulting the doctor, he was advised to drive no more. Therefore we had to give up this business. At this time, Having no job at hand, I was desperate and I prayed to Lord Jesus about this matter. By the blessings of God, In 2006 I could open a Cloth business which responded into a good earning; within a year I could earn enough money that in 2007 I bought my own shop in the town marketplace. But in 2010 I wasn’t able to work anymore as I had a daughter to take care of and also the shop was very far from our house. So we shut down our shop business and again my husband started driving the car in 2010. But because he was a chronic alcoholic and careless person who even sometimes beat me, so he occasionally used to give the car to his friends and never worked properly but anyhow till 2014 we continued our lives like that. But on 9-12-2014, my husband had an attack because of Increased Intracranial pressure after which he was taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a stroke and was admitted in the hospital for about a week. Within a week through medicines and some local remedies, he was able to recover and got discharged from hospital.
Meanwhile around after a week, he visited his grandfather’s house alone where he fell down and was taken to the hospital by his grandfather because he had stopped responding because of loss of consciousness (LOC) and I was informed about this incident over the phone. So next morning I also rushed to the hospital and found that my husband was unable to talk, walk and eat. Being disappointed & disheartened I asked the doctors about his situation? And doctor replied me that my husband is diagnosed with Cerebro Vascular Accident (CVA) and he has become paralyzed as well and there is no cure for my husband. When I heard it, my heart was totally broken and discouraged having no hope for the future. With despair and dilemma, We took him to home and since then I have been taking care of him. My husband was unable to do anything by himself, changing the cloths, cleaning, bathroom etc. even the food had to be fed by me and while feeding he used to spit out the food, he was unable to swallow.
I had a lots of anger hidden in my heart with complaints that why did God let all this happen to me? I tried to find some contacts of pastors across India and even in foreign on Youtube and contacted them but I was not responded in any way. I became all the more weary in my Christian life with no ray of hope. In the midst of all this, one day while I was trying to call to one of the prayer center, my call was responded by a sister and she prayed for my husband But as soon as the prayer finished, my husband started vomiting and it continued. Being nervous I tried to call that sister again to inform her my husband’s symptoms, but she simply said that it’s ok, after which she never called me again.
Our situation was worsening day by day and had no hope with nothing at hand. And the life was like a dark valley which seemed no away out. But in 2018, one day as I was still searching some powerful Pastor’s prayer on Youtube, suddenly Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee’s prayer “Prayer for the sick in hindi” appeared before me on the Youtube screen and we received the prayer and tried to Contact Dr. Jaerock Lee. Surprisingly in the 1st attempt my call was answered by them. I explained about my husband’s condition to them and asked them to pray for my husband. They sent some messages to me and asked me to listen to the messages (The Message of the Cross), they also informed me that on 22nd February there will be healing meeting, being conducted by Dr. Sujin Lee, and asked me to prepare for the healing and join thru GCNTV HINDI. On 22nd Feb during the healing session, when I saw Dr. Sujin Lee praying with the Handkerchief for the patients, I also received the faith that, if Dr. Sujin Lee will pray with the handkerchief for my husband he will surely be healed. I was wishing this to happen. After the prayer I saw so many people getting healed and testifying their healings. The next morning on 23rd February, when I went to feed my husband, amazingly he was able to eat the food whereas earlier he always used to spit out the food. And until today he has been eating the food well unlike earlier. After seeing this big miracle, my faith in God increased and now I have a hope that my husband who does not believe in Jesus Christ can also start believing through Dr Soojin Lee’s prayer. While I saw Pastor Sujin Lee with the handkerchief I felt a kind of hope that now my husband will be recovered fully. Most touching thing was the response from GCNTV HINDI, which I found nowhere else before. They always talk to me and counsel me. Now we have decided to listen to the whole sermon series on “The Message of the Cross”. And join live Sunday services telecast on GCNTV HINDI and we are also preparing for the upcoming Healing Meeting.

Brother Prembai

In the month of February in the year 2016, at the age of 20, I suddenly felt some knee jerk in my left knee which continued thereafter, resulting which I started falling whenever I used to walk. Along with that, I also developed a slight pain in the both sides of waist and hips, especially on the site where intramuscular injections are given. Both the pain in my waist and hips along with knee problem continued to persist and when it was irresistible, I decided to visit a doctor to start my treatment. I visited both Government and Private hospitals nearby by home and in the market , respectively. Doctors advised me for some diagnostics test , especially X- Ray, which i had but they were not able to find out the cause of my disease and suggested me different reasons such as nerve compression and some temporary causes. They prescribed me some medicines such as multi vitamins and gave me pain relieving injections. Till the time there was an effect of medicine I felt relived from pain but as soon as the effect started to decrease, the pain started to increase. In the meanwhile, I used to visit hindu temples and prayed there and seeked for my healing. By this time, I was very much disappointed and had lost hope, then one of the doctors whom I visited advised me to take ayurvedic treatment and as far as I can remember I started to take ayurvedic medicines in the month of May in the year 2016, which usually included some medicines made from wild plants and a medicinal oil to apply on my legs. I continued the treatment for about 1.5 to 2 months till the end of month of July, but there were no effective results and I got discouraged. By this time, sensation in my legs kept on decreasing and my condition started worsening which discouraged me a lot. Again , I mustered my courage to keep going and seeked help from elder people in my village for some traditional treatment and they asked me to visit people who specializes in massage and take oil massage which could hopefully help me to get better. I went there and started taking oil massage which I continued for 7-8 months and took twice a month but there were no desired results, yet thereafter. Amid all these, almost after 11 months of suffering, while i was roaming around and asking people for help, I came across one of my cousin brother who had pity on me and asked me to recieve prayer in the name of Jesus Christ once, then two people prayed for me by placing their hands on my head, after which I felt relieved from my pain and there was not even any knee jerk and I walked properly without even stumbling in mid the path and reached my home on my own. But it remained for a day or two. Then, I realized there is some power in the name of christ. But I overlooked it and started looking for other ways to be healed.Despite of all my efforts , I failed to recover from my disease ,and in the month of February in the year 2017 , I completely lost the sensation in my left knee. Following which , a month later, I also lost sensation in my right knee and I was completely bed ridden. Still I continued to have oil massage which I completely ceased to take after Sept 2018 due to negligible signs of recovery and in December 2018 , doctor said to me that they are not efficient to treat me and it seems an impossible case for them to be treated and there was no hope that I would regain my sensation. They provided me with a medical certificate in which I was diagnosed with locomotor disability and paraplegia , valid for one year so that I could access some help from government for physically disabled person. I was completely broken from inside my emotional and mental state also started to deteriorate as my physical condition was becoming worse day by day. I started feeling myself as a burden for my families at such a young age ,when I had to serve my family members they were bound to serve me as I had paraplegia. While I was on my bed , I had flashy memories of the time of the day or two when I got relieved by prayer in name of Christ and wanted to receive it again but was helpless.
From February 2017 , I was on bed completely and needed assistance from people nearby to carry out my daily activities. Then, during the wedding season in 2018 , in the month of May and June , I met one of my relatives who visited our village to attend a marriage. While was scrolling the YouTube videos on his cellphone to search for treatment for my disease, I came across the Prayer of Sick on GCNTV HINDI Channel which I played and listened to and found a contact number mentioned there and gave them a call.
My call was responded and they heard about my condition and advised to continue to receive prayer of sick , listen to some sermons and attend live services. But by then, I didn’t had a internet mobile and therefore was unable to access to internet. But , I started to pray personally and had Prayer of Sick in my phone which I received twice a day in the morning and before I went sleep. Then, on 2018 in the month of Oct, I received a cellphone with internet connection from my family members and then I started to attend the live services and also listened to The Message Of Cross series sermon and continued to receive prayer of sick. Then , there was a healing meeting being announced on 25th January 2019, led by Pas. Soojin Lee, that I attended online and receive prayer for my healing during the service when she prayed for sick people. Then, during the prayer I felt my body was getting hot as if I had taken some medicine and it continued till I slept. Then on the next day, I felt some sensation in my legs but still was not able to feel them completely. I continued to listen to sermons and attend live services . Thereafter, I also had some seasonal viral and ear pain due to weather changes and then again on 22nd February, I attended the live healing prayer meeting online and felt the same hotness in my body as I felt on previous healing meeting. I again felt the sensation of touch more strongly this time in my legs and it was also healed of seasonal viral , earache and loose motions completely.
From the 22nd of February, I can now even feel whenever an insect bites such as mosquito bite or a fly sitting on my leg , which I wasn’t able to feel for almost 2 years. I felt like I have regained the lost part of my body again which was not with me for the past 2 years. My journey was strugglesome and heart wrenching. I still have some sort of weakness in my legs but there is slight movement in my legs. I thank Jesus Christ who is healing me of my locomotor disability and paraplegia and I have this strong faith that I will be able to walk on my legs one day. Thanks once again to Jesus Christ who gave me such hope and helped me experience his works of miracle through the prayers.

Date of birth:- 01/06/1995
Banaskantha, Gujarat, India.