“Voluntary services add to my happiness on Sundays”

We have the ‘Manmin Volunteers Group’. They take care of traffic control,
dining hall services, washing dishes, usher’s duty, parking lot guide duty,
helping the sick with their wheelchairs, cleaning the sanctuaries, etc. Choonoo Lee (3rd parish) received
‘2018 Excellence Award’ of our church for his 27 years of faithful voluntary services.

His Daughter’s Atopic Dermatitis Healed by Prayer

Listening to the sermons of the Senior Pastor Rev. Jaerock lee in this church, I felt that they were the true words of God that could help me lead a proper Christian life. They taught me what sins are and how we can cast off sins in detail.
One day my daughter broke out with atopic dermatitis, but she was completely healed without any medical treatment after receiving the Senior Pastor’s prayer twice.
After I experienced this power of God through my daughter, I was filled with the Spirit even more, and I wanted to do something for the church. I joined the volunteer’s group in the church and have been doing the traffic control duty for the past 27 years.

I always thought about what the Lord would do

As a general secretary of the Manmin Volunteer’s Group I try to watch over general aspects of the church on top of the traffic control duty. I make sure the church members are comfortable in attending worship services and having lunch.
I’ve felt the love of the Lord through our Senior Pastor Rev. Jaerock lee who always cherishes and serves the church members.
While performing our duties all the volunteers including myself always think of what the Lord Jesus and what our senior pastor would do in the various situations. We do our voluntary work with faith and love for God and we are happy working.
Manmin Volunteers’ Group is literally a group of volunteers, meaning no one forced them to do voluntary services. All the members try their best with the desire to serve the church members.
We go back home late at night on Sundays, and I feel very much rewarded and I get the feeling of happiness throughout the week.
Above all, we’re happy because we know this earth is not everything, and we have the hope for New Jerusalem.

Health and prosperity as the whole family is faithful

I’m quite embarrassed to have received the Excellence Award. There are many other volunteers who serve the members behind the scenes, and I believe I received it on their behalf. I made up my mind to keep the Lord’s grace in my mind and work more faithfully.
My whole family has been so healthy that we never went to the hospital or take any medicines for the past 27 years. I am a volunteer, my wife is a pastor, and my daughter is a member of Crystal Singers. We are serving the kingdom of God faithfully. My wife is in charge of the 2nd Chinese parish that had a revival, and for that my wife also received Excellence Award as a pastor.
And God is blessing my work, too. Above all, I give all thanks and glory to God the Father for the blessing that my whole family is living with hope of New Jerusalem.

Healed of Keratohelcosis

Sejin Lim (Age 50, Jeonju Manmin Church)

On January 19, 2019, some dust went into my left eye while mowing the grass. It was itchy and the eye reddened. Next day, there was pain and tears were running down. On the 21st, my eye was filled with pus, and I couldn’t read even big letters. There were also blisters in the eye.
I got a diagnosis and the doctor said it seemed to be fungal ulceration of the cornea, which was very difficult to cure and could lead to loss of sight. However, I heard there was going to be a special healing session in Manmin Central Church, so I went to Seoul on the 23rd and attended the Manmin Prayer Center meeting.
In the past, I was involved in a traffic accident that caused my rib to be fractured in May 2005. But when I received Rev. Lee’s prayer just once, I was completely healed, even including my insomnia. For this reason I didn’t want to rely on medicine at all. That night during the Daniel prayer meeting I realized why God could not protect me.
God always wants to give only good things to His children. However, I wasn’t thankful and I complained about many things. I departed from God and had the desires to take the meaningless things of the world. God poured down His grace on me. Whenever I repented with hot tears, I felt fire came upon my body.
On the 24th, I attended the Manmin Prayer Center meeting where I sang the praises and listened to the message earnestly. As I repented, I kept on shedding tears during the praises, and I felt the fire of the Holy Spirit came upon my face.
The Prayer Center director Mrs. Boknim Lee prayed for me with the handkerchief on which Rev. Lee prayed (Acts 19:11-12), and the itchiness and pain disappeared. I went outside to have dinner, and to my amazement I could read all the letters of the signs of the shops.
On January 25, in the special healing session in the Friday all-night service, my heart was filled with passion right from the praise songs. After I received the handkerchief prayer of Pastor Soojin Lee, I felt my whole body was refreshed and my eye condition recovered even more. I received a test on the 28th. There was no pus in the eye and the doctor said I was healed more than 90%.
After that, I prepared for the next special healing session in February with repentance and fasting. I felt the fire of the Holy Spirit once again, and my eye could see everything clearly Hallelujah!

Cornea Pictures

Before Prayer: Abscess due to Keratohelcosis
After Prayer: Abscess receded, only trace of inflammation remains.