“I Came to Walk Again after a Traffic Accident”

Rita (Age 60, Madhya Pradesh, India)

 Walk Again after a Traffic Accident

In April 2018, I was in a car with my family. The vehicle from behind tried to pass at a high speed when it hit our car. Those who were in that vehicle were all killed due to fire that broke out.

Fortunately my family was rescued by the people and our lives were dramatically spared. My son, daughter, and son-in-law had minor injuries while I sustained a severe head injury and fractured femur.
I had brain surgery in a hospital and woke up 3 days later but couldn’t speak for 2 days. The doctor said I could be paralyzed as a complication of my brain surgery and I wouldn’t be able to walk even if I got the femur surgery.

I decided not to get the femur surgery. The pain all over the body was truly excruciating. The painkillers didn’t help. Even with physical therapy I couldn’t walk at all.
I am a principal of an elementary school and I barely made it to work with the help of my son, but I could work only for 2 hours due to severe pain. I bed-ridden at home, and I just wanted to die.

My brother shared the gospel with me and I watched the special divine healing session of Manmin Central Church on GCN TV Hindi channel in April 2019. I am very surprised when I witnessed so many people getting healed by the handkerchief prayer (Acts 19:11-12), and I became envious of them. I thought I could also be healed.

 Walk Again after a Traffic Accident

Before the special divine healing session in May, I listened to all of the 24 sessions of ‘The Message of the Cross’ preached by Rev. Jaerock Lee. I attended worship service of GCN TV Hindi to observe the Lord’s Day. I attended the Friday all-night service on May 31 with great expectations.

In the 2nd session of the service pastor Soojin Lee prayed with the handkerchief for the sick and a miracle happened to me. The excruciating pain was gone and I was walking. Hallelujah!

Seeing me getting healed instantly by the Lord’s grace, my family came to have faith, too. My son and his wife are attending the worship services on GCN TV Hindi channel. They want to listen to other sermons of Rev. Jaerock Lee, too. I want to know more of God’s will through other sermons as well.
I give all thanks and glory to God the Creator and our Savior Jesus for healing me when no medicine could help me and I had to live with disability for the rest of my life.

Fracture of neck of left femur

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