I was healed of an incurable hereditary disease!

Amrit Kumar, age33, India

Six years ago, my body suddenly became stiffened. Neither could I move my body freely nor walk. I went to a renowned hospital in Delhi, but even the name of my disease was beyond me. The doctors had me undergo many tests to figure out what it was, but they ended up diagnosing me with ‘an incurable hereditary disease.’ The disease had locked me into a completely miserable life.

I could do nothing on my own. I couldn’t even eat by myself. I could not walk either for my body trembled and I would lose my balance. I was alive but my body seemed to be dead. I became depressive and my wife left me. I had to rely on my mother.

In February 2018, I was guided to Delhi Manmin Church by Brother Mahesh who is my neighbor. As I learned the will of God embedded in the Bible through the sermons, I came to keep the Lord’s Day. In the meantime, I felt my symptoms improve little by little. As I practiced the Word of God one by one, my body got strengthened and I came to walk on my own. I even managed to climb up the stairs to the third floor on my own. My hands and legs are loosened, and now I can work!

I heard about Manmin Summer Retreat and prepared myself to receive complete healing. As Pastor John Kim had suggested I read Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee’s book The Message of the Cross and listened to his sermon “The Measure of Faith.” I repented with prayers and fasting.

On August 6, approximately two hundred people gathered in the church and took part in the Summer Retreat via GCN live broadcasting. We listened to the message of Rev. Dr. Soojin Lee. When she prayed for the sick with the handkerchief on which Senior Pastor had prayed (Acts 19:11-12), I felt like someone touched me. I felt that God was healing me.

Next day, I felt refreshed. My body hardly trembled, I recovered the ability to write. I also regained the ability to pronounce words correctly though I hadn’t been able to. Now I can walk up and down the stairs like normal people do.
My body was like it was dead without any medical treatment to cure it, but I became a truly living person by the power of re-creation. I give all thanks and glory to God who healed me!

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