My ears popped and I was able to hear!

I could barely hear from both of my ears since birth. When my parents talked really loudly, I could hear a little bit and respond to them. I was made fun of by my classmates and also lagged behind other students after entering middle school, though I wore a hearing aid in my right ear. I was eventually declared to have a second-class physical disorder.

I kept losing my hearing ability though I wore the hearing aid. In 2013, I even had a cochlear implant (the insertion of a device that works as a cochlea) in my right ear and wore the cochlear hearing aid as well. However, I could not hear well because my ears rang, and I had headaches. It often led to failure in communication. I often could not understand what others were saying, so I had to see their lips closely to understand them and needed sign language.

In 2015, I was guided to Manmin by my friend, Deaconess Miok Cheong. While I listened to Dr. Jaerock lee’s messages, I felt broken parts of my heart stitched and healed by the love of the Lord. I also became assured of the living God when witnessing His powerful works.

In early July 2018, Pastor Sooyeol Cho, Guidance Pastor for the Deaf Mission advised me to prepare the upcoming Manmin Summer Retreat with longing, prayer, and fasting. I fasted in obedience and repented of what I had done outside of the will of God. After I repented of my ill feeling against my husband, I made peace with him.

On August 6, I received Rev. Soojin Lee’s prayer when she prayed on the stage, and also Manmin Prayer Center President Boknim Lee prayed for me with the handkerchief of power on me (Acts 19:11-12).

Then, my ears felt hot and my head cleared. Then my ears popped and came to hear! Now I can clearly hear the voice of preachers on the altar during services. I do not need sign language translation.

I even can hear the voice coming from the cell phone of a person next to me. My hearing ability has become better and better though I have not worn the hearing aid. I am so happy and thankful. I give all thanks and glory to God who healed me with the power of re-creation!

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