My life changed from the moment I read the books written by Dr Jaerock Lee

Maurine Lassfolk (47, Sweden)

This was my 5th visit to Manmin Central Church. I feel at home here. The beautiful performance was very impressive. It was so amazing that I wished it would not end!

On my first visit to this church in 2008, I suffered from cancer and skin diseases. Especially the musculoskeletal pain from fibromyalgia was constant pain. As I walked up the stairs to enter the sanctuary, however, all the pain was gone. Before the visit, fluid built up on my knees, and my legs were too heavy to walk up stairs. But I could easily walk up the stairs. After receiving Dr. Jaerock Lee’s prayer I experienced a miracle; all my diseases were healed!Hallelujah!

I also received a great deal of grace while reading books written by Dr. Jaerock Lee. The books The Message of the Cross, Heaven, Hell, The Measure of Faith, Seven Churches, and My Life, My Faith all helped my faith to grow. As I read Hell, I realized that in my life I had no other choice but to fall into hell. It was from that moment my life changed. As I read the book Heaven it gave me hope for heaven, a country of my own.

To me, Dr. Jaerock Lee is like a father who helped open my spiritual eyes. He helped me learn the good God and the beloved Lord, and also helped to understand what the Lord wants from me.

I preached this precious gospel while helping others. Now, I am sharing this grace with about 50 people. We’ve attended various services of Manmin Central Church and its Daniel Prayer meeting on the Internet, and managed happy Christian lives while receiving answers and blessings.

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