Witness the transformation of an ordinary man who ran from darkness into light.

Brother Anand

Anand brother is 36 years old who is from Jharkand. Including him, there are 7 members in his family. It involves his parents, two brothers, two sisters and of course Anand. Anand also has a wife with whom he has 2 children. He was possessed by demonic spirits for 10 years and his family was also involved in the possession. Mostly, brother Anand and his younger sister Puja have been through demonic attack. While, the demon used to reiterate that i only came into your family because of Anand and now I will destroy you.
Anand shares his story by saying that I was overall not successful in my life. As in childhood, I became influenced by the drugs and began taking them. My father was a government employee in TATA company so we had a tractor and a passenger cat. Only because of family’s situation, we had to sell our vehicles to people. So, I then began selling D.J. which for some reason I had to stop. I went to Bangalore to commence a high voltage work, but lost 8 lakh rupees. After that, I went to Mumbai to find a good work, but was instead bitten by a dengue mosquito leading to Dengue fever. Doctor said to my family that he will not be able to survive this bite.
After hearing this, one of my brothers went and asked for a pastor to pray for my brother which he did and it lead to my recovery. I, later on, travelled to Kolkata where I worked as an electrician. In the meantime, my younger brother went into depression while my father suffered from paralysis. Seeing their state I began to think about how can I ease the pain. What should I do for them?
In 2019, all these problems finally led me to search for peace and God through prayer and I discovered Sr Pastor. I received Sr pastor’s sick and night prayers so I then contacted Delhi Manmin asking for help and they said to hear Message of the cross sermons and join live service. After receiving the prayers of Rev. Dr Jaerock Lee my nightmares became into good dreams. In the meantime, I also lost the correct functioning of my mobile phone so I had to use my sister’s phone. I joined back after 3 to 4 months to attend live service and I also listened to the message of the cross and measure of faith. I began keeping the sabbath Holy and now I am absolutely fine as Jesus protects me each day for a week and so on. Both I and my sister are not under spiritual warfare therefore no demonic attacks, however, my sister still has nightmares.
I used to be a believer of Christ, but Manmin taught me about spiritual love. I am absolutely fine now. I don’t do drugs or associate myself with them at all. I can now feel the touch of the Holy Spirit in my life every now and then. I believe that only Manmin teaches us about our life. It is really great. Because of the healing that I received both my mother and brother have begun believing in Sr pastor and his teachings.
I think that pastor guides my path. His teachings have changed my life. My child is 4 years today. He wounded his leg so we played the prayer of Sr. pastor. As a result, my son is happy and fine without taking any medicines. My wife confesses that she gives a lot of thanks to Father God and lord.

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