Lecture on Genesis (20) – Spiritual Beings (9)


Genesis 1:1
[1] In the beginning God created heavens and the earth

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

This is the 20th Lecture on Genesis.
Let me briefly review what I have explained to you so far.
In the beginning, God the Origin existed in the original space in the form of Light containing the Sound.
At a certain point, the original form of God cohered as one light at the vertex of the spiritual realm.
At the same time, the original space was divided into four spaces that are different in the density of spirit and brightness of light.
They are the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Heavens.
The light that cohered as one light at the vertex of the spiritual realm was divided into three lights, and each one put on the form of man.
The original form of God became the Triune God as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
God the Trinity, first created what is necessary in the place where God stays.
And then, He created spiritual beings that He could supervise.
They were “Angels” and “Cherubim.”
The number of angels and cherubim is infinite, and they are organized very well in a strict order so that they can perfectly carry out the command of God.
Among angels, God gave humanity and free will to three archangels that served God the Trinity.
And among these 3 archangels, Lucifer was in charge of music, and served God the Father.
She gave praises to God the Father with her beautiful voice and various instruments, and she pleased God the Father with sweetness of her words.
It was in such ways as this that Lucifer gave constant joy and happiness and was greatly loved by God the Father. She also enjoyed great authority and honor.
However, as untold time passed by, she became arrogant in her heart, and she ended up rebelling against God.
Her rebellion failed, and she was confined in the Abyss.
Before Lucifer was confined in the Abyss, she made an outlandishly insolent request of God the Father.
It was to give her authority that would be great enough to compete with God at the start of human cultivation.
In order to accomplish human cultivation within the perfect justice, God accepted Lucifer’s request as it was.
From this point on, I’m going to talk about the world of evil spirits of which Lucifer is the leader.
The time when Lucifer and evil spirits were released from being confined in the Abyss is on the 1st day of the Creation of the Heavens and the Earth.
On the 1st day when God said, “Let there be light,” there was light. And God separated the light from the darkness.
I will explain this later in greater detail when we come to Genesis 1:3-5. However, on the 1st day, God made the spiritual light to surround the earth.
God called the time period as the light surrounds the earth “Day,” and the time period as the light is withdrawn “Night.”
It was at this very first “Night” that God released Lucifer and some evil spirits from the Abyss.
On the second day when God created the expanse, He also created in the second Heaven the place where the evil spirits would stay.
Lucifer created her kingdom in the second Heaven, and she established an organization in the world of evil spirits.
For a very long time, while she was beside God the Father, Lucifer observed how God governed the spiritual realm.
And thus, she imitated God’s way of control when she established her own kingdom.
First, she made her own thrown, and made the dragons encircled it.
And then, she had the servants of the dragons – the fallen cherubim under the supervision of the dragons – surround her throne and guard it.
In this way, she revealed her desire to sit on the throne of God.
When Lucifer set up the organization in the world of evil spirits, she also imitated the way of God.
Just as God set up two classes of spirits – the angels and cherubim – at His command, Lucifer also governs her kingdom through two classes.
One is the class that consists of dragons and their servants, and the other is the class that consists of Satan and the devil.
As I may explain in great detail, some of the fallen angels were released from the Abyss to work, and they function as the devils.
Lucifer gives orders through these two classes and controls the world of the darkness.
The servants of dragons and the devils are actually low in their ranks in their respective classes.
However, Lucifer made the rank of dragons’ servants higher than that of the devil.
It was the promise Lucifer made with the dragons when she planned the rebellion in order to win the dragons over to her side.
Lucifer told the dragons that she would put them in higher ranks than the devils if dragons helped Lucifer.
In order to win the dragons and their servants over to her side, Lucifer made such a promise.
In the world of evil spirits in the second Heaven, the rank of the devils is the lowest.
If you also are to consider demons, of course the rank of the demons is the lowest.
However, demons are basically different from the evil spirits; they don’t stay in the second Heaven but on the earth.
The organization of the evil spirits runs according to a very precise and strict order.
As Lucifer gives an order, this order is conveyed by the dragons to the servants of dragons.
Lucifer also gives orders to the devils through Satan.
Due to this kind of an ordering system, neither the dragons give orders to the devils, nor does Satan control the servants of dragons.
Dragons control their servants, and Satan controls the devils.
Jesus once mentioned about this world of evil spirits that is in very strict order.
He said in Luke 11:17-18, “But He knew their thoughts and said to them, “Any kingdom divided against itself is laid waste; and a house divided against itself falls. If Satan also is divided against himself, how will his kingdom stand? For you say that I cast out demons by Beelzebul…”
“Beelzebul” was considered as the “ruler of the demons” by the Israelites way of thinking at that time.
When the Pharisees saw Jesus cast out a demon from a man, they said, “He casts out demons by Beelzebul.”
If it had been so just as they said, it must have been that the forces of darkness divided against themselves since it would have been the forces of the darkness casting out other forces of the darkness.
However, Jesus said there are orders in the world of the evil spirits, and they don’t divide against themselves.
Since there is an organization and it has such order and hierarchy in the world of the evil spirits, they don’t divide against themselves nor is there any strife against themselves.
Dear brothers and sisters.
Let me tell you about the roles of the evil spirits.
First is the role of Lucifer, the head in the world of the evil spirits.
Lucifer tries to drag just one more soul to Hell through the dragons and their servants, and through Satan and the devils.
Based on her experience as she was in charge of music, she controls the hearts and minds of people through the culture of the world, especially through music.
The people who are under the influence of Lucifer think and act according to the will of Lucifer without realizing it.
People’s outlook, their hair style, and makeup become more and more provocative, and it is the result of unconsciously receiving Lucifer’s influence.
Moreover, Lucifer drags people into sin through the well-developed mass media of this end time.
As the secular culture rapidly spreads through TV and the Internet, people tend to be stained by sin much more easily. This is also the work of Lucifer.
Lucifer also motivates and instigates the people that have the authority of the world to stand against God.
For example, some countries politically suppress and attempt to annihilate Christianity.
In these situations it is Lucifer herself who directly incites the heads of the countries and provokes them to action.
Additionally, Lucifer uses all kinds of means to deceive people to worship her.
In reference to this, the Bible called Lucifer “the great harlot who was corrupting the earth with her immorality.”
Since Lucifer was an archangel with feminine character, she was called “the great harlot” in the Bible.
As the most high among the ranks of evil spirits, she controls the evil spirits from behind the scenes.
She may do things by herself, but usually she is hidden in the background and leads the flow of the darkness.
The actual authority belongs to the dragons.
Lucifer works through the dragons, and the dragons give orders to their servants.
If Lucifer is likened to a king of a nation, a dragon can be likened to the prime minister or army general of the nation.
However, when the dragons do something, it is not as though they receive every order from Lucifer.
It is possible because Lucifer already planted her thought and mind into the dragons.
Therefore, as the dragons make a plan and exercise it, it is actually the thoughts of Lucifer that does it.
Just as Lucifer desires to be worshiped, the dragons also have such desire.
Therefore, the dragons have supervised people for such a long time that people have carved the patterns and likenesses of dragons in many places and caused people to worship them.
There are religions that consider the dragons to be sacred and worship them. Such religions and practices are the result of the dragons’ work.
Revelation 12:7 mentions about “the dragon and his angels.”
At the time of Lucifer’s rebellion, there were cherubim that followed the dragons. Some of them were released with the dragons and they are at work as the servants of the dragons.
The outward forms of the dragons’ servants changed from their original beautiful appearances to ugly and beast- like images.
When someone has an accursed appearance an expression commonly used is ‘He looks like a monster’.
In reference, Leviticus Chapter 11 lists the animals that God considers detestable.
It is these animals that have the shape and look of the fallen cherubim.
And God told us not to eat such animals.
It is because the detestable animals that resemble the fallen cherubim are usually toxic and can have a negative impact on people.
It makes people’s hearts evil, instead of good.
Dear brothers and sisters.
There are cases that diseases come upon due to the work of the servants of the dragons.
When you see with spiritual eyes as you give prayer for the sick, sometimes a bunch of mice go out from the people’s body.
Sometimes animals with a shape of a swine go out.
In some cases of men who are suffering from serious headaches, a bird is pecking with its beak at the head of the man.
Of course, not all of those who have headaches fall into this category.
I’m citing such cases for your reference because this may be the cause of serious headaches.
Similarly, there are conditions of diseases coming upon people through fallen cherubim, the servants of dragons.

Now, dragons also incite evil people through their servants to commit cruel crimes.
For example, there are brutal criminals who committed what they should never have done as a human being such as human trafficking and murder.
For example, there are heinous crimes such as trafficking of humans and murder, crimes that should never be committed by one human being against another.
Even the world calls them “people with the face of a man and heart like an animal.”
They may have the face of a human, but their heart is like the heart of a beast.
In case of such people whose heart or deeds are so brutal, chances are that they are instigated by the dragons’ servants.
You can see here that it is not just a coincidence that organized criminals have tattoos of dragons or other animals.
So, depending upon which animal incites and influences the actions from among the servants of the dragons, the outcome of the evil may vary.
It is because animals have different characteristics such as atrocity, cunningness, uncleanness and filthiness.
Dear brothers and sisters.
Now, among the evil spirits, I will tell you about Satan.
Simply put, “Satan” is the “heart of Lucifer.”
Satan works in the mind of man, and it doesn’t have an actual form.
It has the power of the darkness that belongs to Lucifer, and thus it makes people possess evil thoughts and mind.
In Job, with God’s permission, Satan instigated evil people to strip Job of all his possessions.
Job 1:15 says, “the Sabeans attacked and took… oxen and donkeys”.
And, Job 1:17 says, “The Chaldeans formed three bands and made a raid on the camels and took them.”
Satan also “smote Job with sore boils from the sole of his foot to the crown of his head.” (Job 2:7)
Likewise, Satan causes harm to people such as bringing diseases onto them.
By the way, when Satan incites people, Satan works as various kinds of spirits according to the attributes of the people.
For example, there is a mention about “a deceiving spirit” in 1 Kings 22:22.
This verse shows that Satan worked as a deceiving spirit, and it incited the prophets who were telling false prophecies.
As Revelation 18:2 mentions about “an unclean spirit,” Satan works as an unclean spirit for the people who find pleasure in unclean deeds of the body.
“The spirit of error” appears in 1 John 4:6, and this is also another way Satan works to instigate the people who love the world.
Satan uses material, honor, and the opposite sex as forms of bait to deceive and lure people to fall into the world.
Now, I’ll tell you in detail how Satan instigates people with an allegory.
There are many radio waves in the air that are invisible.
With a proper antenna, you can receive those radio wave signals.
The contents of the wave signals can be conveyed to a TV, Radio, or a cell phone receiver.
Satan works the same way.
Satan continually spreads its mind and ability to the air.
The contents of the “wave signals of the darkness” that Satan spreads can be conveyed once they find an antenna which can receive the signals.
At this time, the darkness in the heart of man, which is the untruth and the attributes of the flesh, acts as the receiving antenna.
For example, when someone has hatred in his heart, he can receive the attribute of “hatred” that Satan has spread in the air.
The signals that Satan has spread and the frequency the antenna is set to receive in the heart of the man are perfectly tuned.
To the man whose frequency is set to receive Satan’s signal receives and instills the ability of the darkness into him through his mind.
Satan makes his hatred grow bigger and bigger.
As a thought of the untruth becomes stronger through the work of Satan, it is referred to as “receiving the work of Satan” or “listening to the voice of Satan”.
Since Satan instigates people from outside, in order to sneak into the heart of the man, Satan needs a passageway; a channel.
This channel is “thought.”
A man puts what he sees, hears, or learns through his senses and feelings into his brain and heart.
When certain conditions are met, he can be reminded of it, and it is called “thought.”
Therefore, depending on what was input, the thought can be different as well.
The one who inputs only the truth can think only about the truth in any situation.
On the other hand, the other who has many inputs of untruths can come up with a thought of untruth before coming up with truth.
Most people have more input of untruth than truth.
It is because they were born in the world where sin is rampant, and they haven’t received any education in the Truth.
Therefore, most people have this antenna, the one that receives the untruth, and they can receive the signals that Satan spreads.
Satan instigates the people who have untruth in their hearts so that they can have the thoughts of flesh and evil thoughts.
And Satan hinders people so that they cannot obey the law of God, which is the truth.
For this, Romans 8:7 says, “the mind set on the flesh is hostile toward God; for it does not subject itself to the law of God, for it is not even able to do so.”
The reason the mind set on the flesh is hostile toward God is that it is instigated by Satan.
As Satan instigates people’s mind, if they don’t overcome it, but accept it, chances are that Satan can even seize their hearts.
Such was the case with Judas Iscariot.
Luke 22:3 says, “And Satan entered into Judas who was called Iscariot, belonging to the number of the twelve.”
Here, “Satan entered” means that Judas Iscariot continually received the work of Satan’s thought his mind, gave up his heart to Satan, and eventually was seized by Satan.
Judas Iscariot followed Jesus. He witnessed amazing works of God’s power and he was taught goodness.
However, his greed drove him to steal the finances of God.
In addition, though his heart was that of a thief, he expected to enjoy great authority and honor once Jesus became a king.
However, as reality didn’t go the way he expected, he first gave his mind over to Satan, and eventually he lost heart as well. In the end he made the decision to sell out Jesus.
In this way, it is called “Satan enters into him” as Satan directly manages someone’s heart.
Also in Acts 5:3, Peter told Ananias and his wife that Satan had ‘filled their hearts’.
Ananias and his wife promised to sell their property and give it to God, but they kept some of the price for themselves and brought only a portion of it.
However, the Apostle Peter was inspired by the Holy Spirit, and under the authority of the Holy Spirit, he asked them for the truth, but they lied to him.
It was not deceiving Peter, but deceiving the Holy Spirit.
It also shows that their hearts were filled with excessive avarice and falsehood.
For this, Peter said that Satan ‘entered’ into them.
Therefore, when it says “Satan enters” or “filled with Satan” it means that the heart of Satan is in the heart of a man, and the man becomes like a Satan’s alter ego.
With spiritual eyes opened, Satan looks like a dark fog.
The one who receives the deep works of Satan has a kind of energy that appears like a dark fog surrounding him.
In order not to receive the work of Satan, first of all, you should cast off the thoughts that belong to the untruth.
Moreover, by casting off the heart of untruth, you should get rid of the antenna that receives the signals of Satan.
Unlike Satan which doesn’t have a certain form, the devils have a certain shape and form since they are fallen angels.
Generally they are in dark shape, and like man and angels, they have a head, body, arms, and legs.
They also have eyes, a nose, a mouth, and ears on their face.
I will cover the role of the devil in the next lecture.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.
In this lecture, I explained about Lucifer, dragons and its servants, and Satan among the beings in the world of evil spirits.
It is very important to have information about the evil spirit as we are cultivated in this earth.
Ephesians 6:12 says, “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.”
If you know well how evil spirits instigate and incite people, you can easily avoid it.
Moreover, as the evil spirits try to hinder the kingdom of God, you can destroy the camp of the darkness.
It is because the evil spirits are the forces of the darkness, and the children of God possess the authority of the light that destroys the darkness.
By the way, even in this world, the brightness of lights varies from candle light to sunlight.
Likewise, how well you live by the word of God decides the brightness of the spiritual light that comes out from the children of God.
I urge you to live by the word of God all the better in this year to shine more brightly.
May you drive away the forces of the darkness in all things and give glory to God the Father, in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, I pray!


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