Lecture on Genesis (28)


Genesis 1:6-8
[6] Then God said, “Let there be an expanse in the midst of the waters, and let it separate the waters from the waters.”
[7] God made the expanse, and separated the waters which were below the expanse from the waters which were above the expanse; and it was so.
[8] God called the expanse heaven. And there was evening and there was morning, a second day.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

This is 28th Lecture on Genesis.
The works of Six Day Creation took place in the 1st heaven, which is the fleshly space.
And the meaning of the expression “6 days” is the same as it is with the period of “6 days” that we feel now.
Therefore, the works of each day in 6 days actually took place in just one day.
This cannot be understood with the time concept of mankind.
For example, on the 3rd day of creation, seas and dry land were created, and various plants were created on the dry land.
In addition, on the 4th day of creation, the sun, the moon, and stars were created.
How could such amazing works possibly take place in just one day?
It was possible because this fleshly space was covered by the spiritual space which was surrounded by the original light of creation when God said on the 1st day, “Let there be light.”
When the spiritual space covers over a certain part of the fleshly space, that fleshly space belongs to the spiritual dimension.
Moreover, a space which is surrounded by the original light of creation takes on the attributes of the 4th dimension, which is the 4th heaven where God the Trinity dwells.
Things take place just as God the Father harbors them in His heart and the way in which He roars with the original voice.
In a space that is surrounded by the original light of creation, not only its attributes but also its time flow is the same as that of the 4th dimension.
Therefore, even if that space is a fleshly space in the 1st heaven, the part which is surrounded by the original light of creation takes on the time flow of the spiritual space of the 4th heaven.
In this way, such tremendous works of each of the 6 Days of Creation were able to take place each day.
God also manifested the work of creation through the forefathers of faith.
Through Moses, and Elijah, through the Apostles Paul and Peter God manifested works that are possible only for God the Creator.
Of course, our Lord Jesus also showed many signs and wonders manifested through the power of the Holy Spirit.
He healed various sick people, and made the disabled normal.
When such a healing work takes place, either the fire of the Holy Spirit surrounds the place or the place is surrounded by the original light.
The diseases due to germs or viruses can just be burnt by the fire of the Holy Spirit.
However, in order for a dead cell to revive, or for a degenerated organ to regenerate and become normal, a work of re-creation must take place.
For example, in order for a blind man to see again, his optic nerve has to be revived or restored. The retinas and/or crystalline lens may also have to be regenerated.
If the original light of creation surrounds his eyes, a spiritual space will be formed and the work of re-creation can take place there.

By the way, you should know that, even when God the Father heals people with His power, His does it according to justice that He has originally set up in the body of human beings.
God the Father can create something from nothing.
However, when He did the work of creation in the fleshly space, He covered the space with the spiritual space in order to keep the fleshly order.
He didn’t need to create all things in 6 days; He could have done it all at once with His word.
The reason He didn’t do so is because He keeps the justice in the fleshly space.
Say, God the Father can construct a 10-story building in the flash of the eye.
Though the justice in the fleshly space says that the building should be constructed beginning with the 1st floor.
If the building is covered by the spiritual space and riding on the time flow of spirit, the 10-story building can be constructed much more quickly than in the fleshly time flow.
What is it that I am going to tell you with this?
That is, to have a certain “result’ or “product” come out in the fleshly space, it has to go through proper “procedures.”
To have the result or product come out without any of these procedures is not in accordance with the justice of the fleshly world.
However, if the procedures that are necessary to produce the product ride on the spiritual time flow, the whole thing can make rapid progress.
In some cases, the progress is so quick that the product seems produced in a flash.
However, you should understand that a work doesn’t skip the procedures, but the whole processes make extremely rapid progress.
The same applies when diseases are healed and infirmities become normal by the power of God.
The healing work takes place following the order of man’s body that God set up when He created man.
Now, what is the order of man’s body that God set up when He created man?
God puts all the genetic information about a man into a cell nucleus.
When you have a map of the world in front of you, you can see the whole world at a single glance.
You can find where Korea is; you can also pin-point Israel or the US on the map.
Likewise, God puts something like “a map” which contains all the genetic information of a man into the nucleus of his cells.
And this is so called, DNA.
DNA is like a twisted double ribbon or strand, and the coiled central filament that constitutes the core of the chromosome strand chromatid is called the “chromonema”.
Just as thread is winded on a reel, chromonema is also coiled densely.
A single piece of coiled DNA containing many genes is called a chromosome.
Inside a cell of a man, there are 23 pairs of these chromosomes.
In these 46 chromosomes, all the genetic information about a man is contained.
Facial look, height, physical constitution, skin color, etc; all kinds of information about organisms and their function are contained there.
God knows where in which number of chromosome certain information is stored.
Just for your information, a man’s body consists of about 60 trillion cells.
All these cells were actually originated from only one cell.
Only one cell is the fertilized egg produced by a fertilization event between an ovum from a female and a sperm from a male.
This fertilized egg forms the complete figure of a man in 266 days, or about 9 months.
The fertilized egg continues to specialize and divide itself to gradually form a shape of a man.
At this time of cell division, the process such as generating arms, placing eyes, and locating a heart is decided by the genetic information contained inside the cell nucleus.
God set the time period of 266 days in the fleshly time when a fertilized egg becomes a complete man.
However, if this process rides on the spiritual time flow, it can be much more quickly processed.
To help you understand better, let me site an example.
Say, there is a car factory which is fully automated.
The 1st production line makes car engines, the 2nd line, car bodies, and 3rd line, steering wheels.
In addition to these, there are other production lines that produce other parts.
All these production lines unite together, and at the end of the final line, a new car is produced.
When people turn the switch of the production line on, all the parts of a car are produced at once, and they make a fully assembled car in the end.
Now, what if they need more engines?
They need to operate only the line that makes car engines, don’t they?
DNA inside a cell nucleus is just like these fully automated production lines.
When skin gets injured, the cells around the injury start to work so that bleeding can stop, and new skin can come up.
There is a certain amount of self healing power in a man’s body.

But this power has a limit.
That’s why, even though a small injury will become normal as some time period passes by, a big injury can leave a scar.
It means it didn’t recover to an original normal status.
On the other hand, by the power of God, a recovery that transcends the limit of flesh can take place.
For example, in a case of a 3rd degree burn, it can never be restored to the original state with fleshly methods.
However, it can be completely recovered to normal with spiritual methods.
That is, God can recreate the injured part due to the burn.
I was able to directly watch the actual process through the case of Senior Deaconess Eun-Deuk Kim.
The new skin that God created was so clean and clear that I could even see the capillaries.
I even thought to myself, “The skin of a fetus would be made like this.”
Her skin did not become normal overnight with my prayer just once.
The organ of the skin (the surface skin and associated sub-dermal tissues) damaged due to burn came to have scabs, and then a discharge secreted from it. This process was repeated until the new skin was created.
I said earlier that, when they need one more car engine, they have to do is turn on the switch of only the production line that makes car engines.
By the same token, to recover a burned and damaged skin, we just need to operate only the part of DNA that produces the organ of the skin tissues.
And just as when you turn on the switch, electricity operates the machine, the light of God’s power enters into the part to operate it.
God knows precisely which part among the countless DNA chromosomes He has to operate.
And the light of God’s power enters exactly into it.
The period of time from the moment the new skin tissue is produced till it is recovered completely normal can vary depending on the person.
Since the body is surrounded by the light of God’s power and riding on the spiritual time flow, the speed of recovery is much faster.
However, how fast it is can vary depending on the faith of the individual.
Depending on how much he believes in God and trusts God, the speed of recovery can change.
This principle of healing by the light of God’s power can be equally applied to other cases.
For example, we have the case of a leg which was shorter than the other, lengthening to become equal to the other.
In the case of an adult man who stopped growing, it’s impossible for one of his legs to grow longer.
Well, there exists artificial ways to make people taller such as a height-promoting operation – which cuts a splint bone and inserts metal pins and holds them in place.
However, God’s method is to promote the growth in the shorter leg so that it can actively grow longer.
Not only bones, but also muscle, skin and tissues that hold the bones can be formed together at the same time.
As God operates the proper DNA in a cell nucleus by the light of His power, bones and other things can be quickly generated in the flow of spiritual time.
It is the same with dead nerves coming to life again.
With a fleshly method, it is impossible to revive a nerve once it has died.
However, if the light of God’s power operates the cell nucleus to generate nerve cells, new nerves can be created.

Other diseases derived from aging can also be healed by the same principle.
For example, when cartilage that works as a shock absorber between bones is worn and broken, then degenerative arthritis results.
It may happen to younger people as well who are overweighed or use joints excessively or abuse their joints, but in most cases it happens as people get older.
Their cartilage has been worn down a lot because they used it relatively longer than the younger people did.
People of the world may fix it through an operation such as a cartilage transplant.
However, an artificial method may well be followed by negative side effects.
But, it can be simply solved by God’s method.
That is, God operates with the light of His power the part of the cell nucleus that is responsible for the generation of cartilage.
In case of women, as they become old, they go through menopause, and many unusual symptoms occur.
The reason menopause occurs is because the amount of female hormones, which were secreted normally when they were young, decreases.
However, if the light of God’s power enters into the part that is responsible for secreting the female hormone, the hormonal production is restored and the female period can even return to normal.
It was the case with Sarah, the wife of Abraham.
Past her menopause, she couldn’t have a baby, but God worked on her so that she could conceive Isaac.
Other symptoms of ageing process such as failure of memory, wrinkles, hair loss, presbyopia hearing problem, and dementia (Alzheimer’s disease) can be easily stopped by the power of God.
And thus, people can maintain young and sound body regardless of their age.

Dear brothers and sisters.
Among the reasons of sickness are the cases that foreign substances (or organisms) enter the body from outside and disturb normal function of the body.
Typical examples are epidemic diseases such as cold by germs or viral infection, swine flu, and malaria.
In cases of pneumonia, tuberculosis, and food poisoning, they are also caused by harmful germs that enter the body.
In these cases, people can be healed when the fire of the Holy Spirit and the light of God’s power kill the germs.
There are other cases such as when body waste is not normally excreted but piles up inside the body.
For example, a stone or calculus is something that results from salts inside a body binding and becoming hardened masses like a stone.
When this calculus forms in a kidney, it is called a kidney stone; if it is found in urine passage, it is called urinary stone.
Such stones can be easily broken into pieces by the light of God’s power.
We’ve seen many cases that, when a stone was found where it could be easily excreted, it was not long after receiving my prayer that the stone was excreted.
However, in case of a stone in gall bladder or kidney, God breaks it into small pieces and then it can be excreted.
It would be extremely painful to pass a stone, if God made the stone pass as it was (without reducing it)?
By the power of God, God can even make the stone disappear where it was formed.
But God works within a limit that doesn’t violate the fleshly order.
He just covers it with the spiritual space so that it quickly disappears following the flow of spiritual time.
It was the same when God healed peritonitis of several Manmin members.

Foreign substances came out from the ruptured appendix, and spread through the abdominal region, but God didn’t make them just disappear instantly.
God made them absorbed into the intestine through the ruptured part and other nearby organs, and then God made them excreted.
When God worked with the light of His power, the absorption strength became stronger.
And God sutured the wound with newly created cells.
Eventually, without any surgery by man, peritonitis was completely treated and healed.
In 1996, there was an accident; a grape went into the lung of a small baby who was only 63 days old.
The examination at a hospital showed that the grape caused a lung malfunction and breathing problem, and it also caused pneumonia.
Oxygen was not properly provided so that the situation became critical and serious damage to the brain could have resulted.
Surgery was not an option because the baby was too young.
In this moment, the family fasted and depended on God, and they received the prayer for the sick through the phone.
To the utter surprise of many doctors, the baby quickly recovered.
God showed me visions how He worked in this case, and explained to me with His words.
The scene in His vision was the action of cilium in the lung that pushed the pieces of grape out of it.
God made the lung secret enzymes to break down the grape which went into the lung.
The enzymes that break things down are usually secreted in the digestive organ such as stomach or intestine.
However, when God operates within the cells of lung and bronchial tube, the enzymes can be secreted in the lung and bronchial tube.
God broke down the grape into very small pieces.
And He made the cilium of the cells in the lung and bronchial tube push the pieces into the throat.
If the grape had not been broken down to pieces, the grape couldn’t have been pushed out.
That’s why God made enzyme that breaks down things secreted by the light of God’s power, and help the pieces to be pushed into the throat by the action of the cilium.
God could have made the grape disappear instantly by His power.
He could have opened the spiritual space and taken it away.
But God worked following the physical laws and order governing the body.
After I heard this explanation from God, I did research and found that cells of a lung and bronchial tube have about 300 cilia on each cell.
These cilia move 15 times a second.
They clear the bronchial tube by pushing away dust or germs that enter through the respiratory system to the outside.
Many people were also healed in a critical situation like that of acute stomach upset.
There was such an incident in 1982 before I started this church.
A woman by the name of Min-Soo Lee ate fried chicken right after 3 day fasting, and she was stricken by acute stomach upset.
Her mother called for me in the middle of night, and I found her experiencing excruciating pain, crawling in her room.
As I prayed for her with my hand over her head, I saw chicken bones that stuck in the middle of intestine gradually melting down.
Right after my prayer was finished, she threw up what she had eaten.
Her face color became normal, and she soon recovered her strength.
As chicken bones that stuck in the middle of intestine melted down by the work of God, they loosened and she could eventually throw them up also.
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.
In this lecture, I explained how the original light of creation works inside human body according to the justice of flesh.
I said that, when God created man, He put all the genetic information into the nucleus of his cells similar to an automatic production line.
When a person is sick due to diseases or infirmities, the light of God’s power operates the relevant point of DNA, and then he is healed and his body becomes normal.
There is a chance that his DNA itself has congenital or acquired problems.
In this case, the production line itself is wrong, and thus whatever is made by it cannot be normally produced.
For example, a genetic disorder such as Down’s syndrome is due to a congenital DNA problem.
On the other hand, cancer is due to an acquired DNA problem in some of cells and then they keep producing bad cells.
Therefore, in order to be healed of such diseases, a person has a higher price to pay within justice.
Still, if he is recognized according to justice by showing perfect faith before God, he can be surely be healed.
Jeremiah 32:27 says, “Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh; is anything too difficult for Me?”
Since it is God who created our body, no matter what problem occurs to our body, God can cure any of them.
But the speed of healing process can be decided by how completely each of you depend on God and trust Him.
If you have no wall of sin between God and you, and if you are not ones who changes in your faith, you can be healed of your diseases with prayer just one time.
However, there are cases that the situation may improve gradually as the faith grows.
God the Father weighs heavier the change of your heart into a sincere one than your body into a healthy one.
There will be a Divine Healing Meeting during the 2nd Half of this service.
I believe there are many of you who wish to be healed of diseases or to receive answers to your heart’s desires.
The key to all your problems lies in your heart.
If you accomplish a sincere heart to be proper according to the spiritual law of justice, the healing works and answers will be given to you instantly in the spiritual time flow.
The same applies to cultivating the field of your heart.
It may take 10 years to cultivate your heart into a good fertile field if you try to do it only with your own efforts and will. But, it may take just 6 months or even 3 months, if you ride on the spiritual flow.
To ride on the spiritual flow, you should pray without ceasing in the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit all the time.
May all of you ride on the spiritual flow to quickly receive healing works, answers, and blessings, in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, I pray!


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