Revelation Lectures(32)

Revelation Lectures

Revelation 4:3-4

[3] And He who was sitting was like a jasper stone and a sardius in appearance; and there was a rainbow around the throne, like an emerald in appearance.
[4] Around the throne were twenty-four thrones; and upon the thrones I saw twenty-four elders sitting, clothed in white garments, and golden crowns on their heads.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

At the time, Apostle John’s spirit, transcending space and time, was looking at Father God’s Throne and Its surroundings.

Indeed, he is actually looking at the things that will take place in the far future.

Likewise, when God permits in an exceptional case, a spirit can go anyplace transcending space and time, in the future or in the past.

So, a spirit can see the things that happened before the Creation of Universe. Not to mention the life in either heaven or hell where people will go on the day of the Great White Throne Judgment.

Of course, they can be seen in a vision, but there is a great difference between seeing through a vision and seeing in the spirit that is separated from the body as is the case with Apostle John.

I explained the difference in the last lecture. Starting from today, I will explain to you what Apostle John saw in spirit.

Apostle John was looking at the throne in heaven, and the One sitting on the throne.

And he said in the verse 3, “And He who was sitting was like a jasper stone and a sardius in appearance; and there was a rainbow around the throne, like an emerald in appearance.”

The Apostle John had a look at the appearance of God, and he said He was like a jasper stone and a sardius.

Apostle John was looking at God’s form and His throne under the special consent of God. But this doesn’t mean that Apostle John was able to have a close and detailed look of God’s face.

On account of the light which God radiates, he couldn’t have a close look at the figure of God.

For example, when you suddenly go from darkness into bright light, you are not able to clearly see or recognize things in the light.

Only after your eyes adapt to the brightness of light can you see the contours of the things.

Likewise, so long as you have darkness left in you, even a little bit, even though you come forward before God, you won’t able to clearly see the figure of God because of the light radiating from God.

However, also it’s not true that you can see the figure of God if you are sanctified without any darkness in you.

You must be in the perfect light all the more by resembling God in order to see the figure of God.

Therefore, among those who go to heaven, only the souls who go to the Third Kingdom of Heaven or New Jerusalem will be able to see the figure of God.

If you want to be able to have an even more detailed look, then you must meet even more proper qualifications.

Since Apostle John was a proper man in the sight of God, he could come close to the throne of God, and take a look at God’s throne and His form. It doesn’t mean, however, he could have a detailed look of God’s face or figure.

That’s why he described that God was like a jasper stone and a sardius in appearance.

First of all, when he said God was like a jasper stone in appearance, it means the lights radiating from God are various.

Since different colors of light are reflected from a jasper stone when the light shines on it, when he saw various colors of the lights coming out from God, he described it as a jasper stone.

A jasper stone reflects bright, beautiful, and eye dazzling light.

And it has the meaning of ‘elegance.’ In other words, it is clean, clear, honest, and righteous.

From the perspective of Apostle John, he compared the figure of God to the stone that he found the most precious and beautiful.

And, he said ‘He was like a sardius.’ He compared the figure of God which is like a flame to sardius which has a beautiful red color.

In the color of sardius contains the color of the Holy Spirit who resides inside God.

It is possible because God the Trinity is originally One; the light of God the Holy Spirit who was separated from God the Father is also found in God the Father.

Therefore, the colors of a jasper stone and a sardius stone are common in God the Trinity. Especially however, the color of sardius represents God the Holy Spirit.

Now Apostle John said, “There was a rainbow around the throne, like an emerald in appearance.”

A rainbow means a ‘promise.’

Genesis 9:12-13 says, “God said, “This is the sign of the covenant which I am making between Me and you and every living creature that is with you, for all successive generations; I set My bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a sign of a covenant between Me and the earth. “”

And in Genesis 9:16-17 says, “When the bow is in the cloud, then I will look upon it, to remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is on the earth.” And God said to Noah, “This is the sign of the covenant which I have established between Me and all flesh that is on the earth.””

Likewise, God gave the rainbow which encircles the throne of God as a sign of His promise.

When people make a promise with others, they give a sign to assure their promise.

Likewise, as a sign of the covenant between God and His people, God gave the rainbow which encircles His throne as the sign.

It’s like making an oath by the throne of God.

Therefore, showing a rainbow means showing a sign of covenant for the word of promise that God gave.

The worldly people try to understand a rainbow as a natural phenomenon, but God-believing people should know that a rainbow is a sign of the covenant from God.

Moreover, if there appears a rainbow that cannot be explained by science or knowledge of men, then people must wonder why God is showing a rare looking rainbow, which is a sign of the covenant.

Dear brothers and sisters.

A rainbow usually refers to a spectrum of light which appears on the opposite side of the sun after a shower.

They are considered to be phenomena which appear when the moisture in the air reflects light.

But starting from May 15, 1998, unusual-looking rainbows began to appear in this church.

It was the circular rainbow which encircles the sun.

Then, God told us the reason He showed us the circular rainbow. He said it has a meaning of “I am with you.”

Since then, all the Manmin members have witnessed various kinds of different shapes of rainbows.

Now, how has it ever been possible?

That’s because I met the proper qualifications in the justice of God.
God cannot just show supernatural phenomena unconditionally.

He can do it when it’s according to the justice.

But, since I met all the proper conditions in the justice, God has worked so that all the Manmin members can have faith and assurance by showing various kinds of extraordinary rainbows.

In other words, since I paid the price and met all the conditions of the justice, Manmin members can have increased faith while watching the amazing works of God.

The fact is that the rainbow you have seen is not the rainbow that appears only when the conditions of the 1 heaven are met; it is the rainbow that God shows by opening the space of heaven.

Sometimes God shows us rainbows by opening the space of the 2nd heaven; or even the space of the 3rd and 4th heavens.

Therefore, among the rainbows God has shown to this church, there are many rainbows that the worldly people have never seen before.

They can see the rainbow that appears in the 1st heaven. But the rainbows that appear through the open space of the 2nd or higher Heavens are the ones that the worldly people cannot see.

But Manmin members can see even the rainbows in the spiritual world since you are in the space of the shepherd.

Especially, God surely works for those members who trust, depend on, and obey the shepherd.

By the way, the each rainbow that God shows has its respective meaning.

For example, a circular rainbow has a meaning of “You and I, we all are one in the truth.”

It has a meaning of His promise that Father God makes with you as His children, and that He unites His children as one in His providence.

Also, a double or a triple rainbow is showing that heaven is divided. God is showing a double rainbow by opening the space of the 2nd heaven, and a triple rainbow, the space of the 3rd heaven.

For instance, a triple (three-fold) rainbow is a collection of overlapping rainbows in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd heavens at the same time.

Many types of symmetrical rainbows have a meaning of “Everything is accomplished in the space of Father God.”

In other words, it contains the meaning that everything is accomplished as the work of God the Trinity.

Therefore, please remember these meanings when you see a rainbow from now on.

I wish that it will increase your faith whenever you see a rainbow. May you be able to see all the more extraordinary and wonderful rainbows that God shows through the spaces of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th heaven, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I pray!

Now, Apostle John compared ‘the figure of the rainbow that encircles the throne of God and its light’ to an emerald.

In his limited knowledge he compared the figure of the rainbow which radiates various kinds of light to an emerald.

An emerald contains the meaning of “God’s solid, determined, and strong.”

Dear brothers and sisters.

When you watch a laser beam show, you can know that its color of light changes from instant to instant.

Sometimes a red color, sometimes a green color, sometimes a white color, or sometimes mixture of these colors are shown together.

Whoever sees this show, depending their level of knowledge, they will describe the scene differently.

Someone will try to explain it by talking about just the basic colors of it. Others may try to describe even the mixture of the colors by comparing it to a color they may know of.

Apostle John also tried his best to describe all those lights by comparing them to a jasper stone, a sardius, and an emerald after he saw the lights that reflected from God, God’s throne, and the rainbow that encircled the throne of God.

Therefore, when you read tonight scripture, don’t limit the lights from God and God’s throne to the lights of a couple of gem stones like the jasper, sardius, and emerald. Instead, try to imagine in your spirit how the various and glorious lights are being emanated.

Now, the verse 4 says, “Around the throne were twenty-four thrones; and upon the thrones I saw twenty-four elders sitting, clothed in white garments, and golden crowns on their heads.”

Dear brothers and sisters.

When we go to heaven, everything will take place in a very strict manner of ranks and orders.

When seats are arranged in a feast or a banquet, the order of seats will be arranged precisely according to their owners’ spiritual rank.

The more spiritually they are ahead of others, the closer they will come to the throne of God.

Therefore, on the right and the left side of God’s throne are the thrones of the Lord and the Holy Spirit.

And at the sides of them, there are the 4 highest ranked men in heaven; Elijah, Enoch, Abraham, and Moses.

And the following ranks will take their seats beside them.

However, not all of them who have very high ranks can come close the throne of God.

In order to come close to the throne of God, they must be at least one of the 24 elders mentioned in tonight’s scripture.

These 24 elders are all men. Apart from these men’s ranks, women have their own ranks. Among the women, those who have the highest ranks will come close the throne of God.

Then, who are these 24 elders?

Are they the ones who have been faithful to their duties as an elder on this earth?

I’ll explain about it from now on.

I pray in the name of the Lord that you may listen to this message with faith and hope, and that many among you may become one of those 24 elders in heaven.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

When you go to heaven, your dwelling place will decided depending on the measure of spirit you have accomplished in this earth.

Also, among those of you who will dwell in the same place, a precise rank will be given to each of you.

Those 24 elders are, first of all, the ones who bypass the pearly gate of New Jerusalem.

They are those who are completely sanctified, and dedicated their lives to be faithful in all the house of God.

All of those who enter New Jerusalem will have their own rank. Those highest in ranks given men are excellent in the general aspects of faith. But chances are that they may have other outstanding aspects as well.

For example, there may be the people who have accomplished the best jewel-like hearts in such fields as faith, hope, love, faithfulness, goodness, truth, and integrity.

God selects such people and establishes them as the 24 elders.

And these 24 people who are selected will stand before God as The Twenty-four Elders.

They will come close the throne of God, as mentioned in tonight’s scripture, and they will receive honor and glory forever as representatives of God’s children who have been well-cultivated.

Moreover, they will play the role as the standard to measure each man’s faith on the Final Day of Judgment.

For example, let’s say a believer came to deny the Lord because of persecution, and lived like a worldly person. Now he is standing before judgment.

He will make all kinds of excuses from his own perspective in order to avoid the judgment.

“The persecution was too severe to keep my faith.”

Then, Apostle Peter who was crucified up side down after the extreme persecution, or Daniel who kept his faith even facing the lions’ den will stand before him.

When they testify to their situation and explain how they kept their faith, he who tries to offer all kinds of excuses won’t be able to speak at all.

These 24 elders also play a role in the Rewards Judgment.

Let’s say a man is standing before the judgment. He loved God with fervent heart, and was faithful.

Then, his faithfulness will be measured to see how noble and precious his faithfulness was by comparing it to the faithfulness of someone among the 24 elders such as Apostle Paul who was enthusiastically faithful for the Lord.

And his reward will be decided.

Throughout the 6,000 year long history of human cultivation, 24 people will be selected from countless children of God, and become the standard of judgment. From this act alone, you will be able to imagine how honorable it is to become one of the 24 elders.

From now on, let’s see who are among the 24 elders, and take a close look at their faith.

But before we go on any further, you must know this fact; Elijah, Enoch, Abraham, and Moses, who are the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th ranks in heaven, aren’t included among the 24 elders.

It’s not because they have any sort of shortcomings in their faith.

They are the ones who perfectly resemble the Father God to the extent that they are even exempted from the Great White Throne Judgment.

They are the ones who will enjoy even greater glory than the 24 elders.

Apart from the 24 elders, they will sit closer on the right and left side of God’s throne, and serve God the Trinity.

Therefore, the first man among the 24 elders is Apostle Paul who is 5th of ranks in heaven.

And the 2nd tier in heaven from the 6th rank to the 10th are all the members of the 24 elders except the 9th ranked one that God hasn’t told me yet.

They are Apostle Peter, Apostle John, David, and Samuel.

It doesn’t mean that the 9th ranked one will not become one of the 24 elders.

It’s just that Father God hasn’t told me exactly who he is yet. That’s why I cannot tell you clearly.

(Of course, I’ve already been inspired in my heart who will become the 9th ranked one, though.)

Anyway, I named 5 men among the 24 elders. You can easily figure out their fervent faith and pure life when you read the Bible.

What about the fervor of Apostle Paul who devoted himself to the Lord for entire his life after he once met the Lord?

He underwent all kinds of indescribable persecutions while spreading the gospel of the Lord with all his strength, but he never complained about it.

He never became disheartened in any situation of persecution, but thought only of the glory of the Lord. He rather gave thanks to God who saved such a sinner like him and let him be used as an instrument of glory.

Jewish people once stoned Paul nearly to death. They thought he was dead and threw him out of town the way they threw out garbage.

Most people would be scared in this situation, and hesitate to continue what they do.

But even after this incident, Apostle Paul didn’t think of stopping his duty. He didn’t even think to himself, “I’d better take some rest.”

Just as written in Acts 14:20-21, “While the disciples stood around Paul, he got up and entered the city. The next day he went away with Barnabas to Derbe, after they had preached the gospel to that city and had made many disciples.”

Even though he barely got away with his life before the doorstep of death, the very next day, when he returned to his consciousness, he went on a mission trip.

He didn’t take a rest; not even a day. He rather went to Derbe, preached the gospel, and made many disciples.

Apostle Paul disregarded this own body and life. If it was for the Lord and His kingdom, he enthusiastically devoted himself with all his strength and his life.

Dear brothers and sisters.

Apostle Paul was a normal man like us.

He felt pain when stoned and beaten with rods. He was hungry when he didn’t eat. He also felt the cold and heat.

When his ship was wrecked and he floated on the depths of the sea, or when he walked all day long in the wilderness, how could he not feel tired and how tough life was?

When betrayed by those he trusted, when both his kinsmen and gentiles took offense toward him and tried to kill him, how could he rest a day with ease?

But only for the glory of God, and for the dying souls, he could risk all those things.

He gave up all affection afforded him, and all self interests. He gave up everything for the Lord.

Now, please look back on yourself to examine the kind of eagerness and faithfulness you have in running toward the kingdom of God when compared to Apostle Paul.

Haven’t you sometimes looked on souls with folded arms, without offering help or relief, even when they were dying of their afflictions?

Haven’t you left your position when you had to keep it for God’s kingdom only because of tiredness or s selfish reason to seek for your benefit?

Please look back on yourself as if you were standing before judgment facing Apostle Paul.

I urge you in the name of the Lord that you should not consider your duty or responsibility as a heavy burden, but while doing works for the Lord do your duty with thanks and joy like Apostle Paul.

In the next lecture, I explain the faith of Apostle Peter, Apostle John, David, and Samuel who were mentioned earlier. And I will continue to explain the rest of 24 elders as God has told me.

(So far, God has told me 17 people among the 24 elders.

Tonight, I told you who 5 of them are: Apostle Paul, Apostle Peter, Apostle John, David, Samuel. There are 12 more people left.

Of course, some of them are still in the process of becoming one of the 24 elders. So I will not tell you all 12 of them, but only those who are confirmed.)

Dear brothers and sisters.

The 24 elders will stand in such a glorious position in heaven.

Entering New Jerusalem itself is a glory. So, it is such a great glorious to be specially selected representing each field, and to be considered as a role model of human cultivation.

It is natural that you should hope to become one of the 24 elders.

But such a glory cannot be given to just anyone.

The glory of becoming one of the 24 elders is given to those who throw away sin to the point of shedding blood, sanctify themselves all the more fervently with all their strength and mind and heart to be specially recognized.

They must live a life which has no ‘SELF.’ It must be the life which is only for the Lord, for the souls, and for the kingdom of God.

That’s why even though most of the people hope to become one of the 24 elders, they cannot make it.

They know how they can become one of the 24 elders. But there are few who actually put what it takes into practice.

They say, “Who can truly do that? It was possible only with those fathers of faith written in the bible,” and they give up.

But you should not give it up.

Among you are those who will become one of the 24 elders, and many of you as equally as qualified they to become one of them, and I do believe you will.

Of course, many women members will receive high ranks in heaven.

Therefore, I urge that you should run toward your goal without stopping in faith and hope.

The Lord says in Matthew 11:12, “From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and violent men take it by force.”

May you, by force, take such a beautiful glory of New Jerusalem, which is prepared for those who are properly qualified, in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, I pray!

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