Revelation Lectures(90)


Revelation 21:19-21
[19] The foundation stones of the city wall were adorned with every kind of precious stone The first foundation stone was jasper; the second, sapphire; the third, chalcedony; the fourth, emerald;
[20] the fifth, sardonyx; the sixth, sardius; the seventh, chrysolite; the eighth, beryl; the ninth, topaz; the tenth, chrysoprase; the eleventh, jacinth; the twelfth, amethyst.
[21] And the twelve gates were twelve pearls; each one of the gates was a single pearl And the street of the city was pure gold, like transparent glass.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.
I’m back from the 9th Mission Trip to Israel.
I give thanks to all of you who supported the mission trip with prayers, fasting, and offerings.
This Mission Trip was, again, prosperous in the will of God.
I may tell you the details of the trip when the time is right.
Revelation 21:19 is about the 12 Foundation Stones of the city of New Jerusalem.
Each of the 12 foundation stones is one of 12 jewels, and each of them symbolizes a special spiritual heart.
The spiritual meanings of “Beatitudes,” “the spiritual meaning of ‘Love’ in the Love Chapter (of Corinthians)” and the spiritual meanings of the “Nine Fruits of the Holy Spirit” are contained in these 12 foundation stones.
When we consolidate the hearts symbolized by these 12 foundation stones, they make up “Perfect Love.”
It is the heart of God the Father, and the heart of the Lord.
The reason there are 12 foundation stones is that they represent the hearts of those who enter New Jerusalem.
In other words, they are those who accomplish the hearts symbolized by each of the 12 foundation stones during their Cultivation on earth, and thus they resemble God the Father and the Lord.
Only those who are not lacking of any of these hearts – those who accomplish the Perfect Love – can enter New Jerusalem.
I’ve recently covered the spiritual meanings of these jewels in the “Heaven” sermon series, and therefore, I will only briefly explain them tonight.
The first foundation stone is jasper.
Jasper symbolizes “Faith.”
The wall of New Jerusalem is also made of jasper, and it represents the fifth level faith, which is the faith that pleases God.
The faith that is symbolized as a foundation stone here by jasper is “Spiritual Faith.”
Spiritual Faith is to believe every word of God from the depth of the heart.
It is to believe what you have believed without changing, and since you believe the word of God without changing, this faith is always followed by the deeds of obedience.
On the other hand those with fleshly faith believe only when it is in accordance with their thoughts, their ideas and their knowledge.
In the beginning they may confess that they believe, but they doubt when they are faced with the difficulties of reality.
They give up and abandon their praying somewhere in the middle, and even though they say they obey the word of God, they cease trying to obey after only a couple of tries.
Spiritual faith is never like this.

Just as in Abraham offered up Isaac to God, it is the faith that you believe and obey the word of God 100 % even though it may not agree with your knowledge or way of thinking.
With this faith, you can act unconditionally according to the word even when it doesn’t seem to benefit you.
The second foundation stone, “sapphire” represents “upright & straightforward honesty and integrity.”
It is the heart of truth itself with which you don’t submit to any temptation or threats of the world once you’ve made up your mind in the truth.
It is the heart that Daniel’s three friends had, who didn’t bow down before the idol even at the threat of being thrown into a furnace.
Daniel also accomplished this heart and didn’t commit the sin of stopping prayer even when he was about to be thrown into the den of lions
The dark blue color of the sapphire represents this sublime and noble heart that will never forsakes the truth even at the threat of one’s life.
The third foundation stone is “Chalcedony,” and it represents “purity and sacrificial love.”
It is the pure heart without blemish, and it is also the heart with which you can sacrifice everything for the kingdom and righteousness of God without expecting anything in return.
The Moabite woman, Ruth, who followed and served the hopeless old mother-in-law till the end, had this kind of heart.
Since Ruth sincerely loved her mother-in-law, she was satisfied just with giving.
Even though she wouldn’t get anything in return from her mother-in-law, she could still give in everything.
On the other hand, those with fleshly love desire something in return for their sacrifice that is given for others.
If they don’t get what they expect, they feel displeased and disappointed, and harbor ill feelings toward others.
However, if you accomplish true love, even after you sacrifice and give all your possession in the truth, you don’t expect anything in return.
Only when you accomplish this love of sacrificing yourself with a pure and clean heart, can you enter New Jerusalem.
The fourth foundation stone, emerald, represents “righteousness and clearness, justness and cleanness.”
Its light is the same as the light of the fruit that is mentioned in Ephesians 5:9.
In other words, the harmony of ‘all goodness and righteousness and truth’ is same as the light of emerald.
The true righteousness that God acknowledges is the combination of all goodness and righteousness and truth.
People only with goodness lacking in righteousness may be irresolute, or they may compromise with unrighteousness.
And people only with righteousness and without goodness may insist on their self righteousness and frameworks that are far from the will of God.
They may judge or condemn, and they may be inflexible in their deeds.
They may focus too much on discerning right from wrong, resulting in losing souls.
Therefore, goodness and righteousness should go side by side, and they can be told to bear the true fruit of the light when they are constant in the truth for ages.
Sardonyx, the fifth stone, symbolizes “hardworking faithfulness.”
If you just do what is assigned to you, you will not be called faithful.
If you are an employee and you just do the job well, can we say you are faithful?
You are just doing what you are supposed to do.
You should accomplish not just the work assigned to you. When you can also accomplish things that are not directly entrusted to do with all your heart and mind, then you can be called ‘faithful’.
The kind of hardworking faithfulness recognized by God is to do your duty with all your heart, mind, soul, and life.
And when you are faithful in all areas such as church, workplace, and family, we say you are faithful in all God’s house.
In order to be faithful in a field you belong to, you should possess both the righteous heart and the sacrificial heart.
Instead of seeking for your benefit, you should be righteous for the whole and others, and to accomplish the righteousness, you should sacrifice yourself.
However, in order to be ‘faithful in all God’s house,’ a heart of goodness should be added.
That’s because, to the extent you have the heart of goodness, and you can look all around without being partial to a certain area,
When you are given many duties, you may prioritize each of them in your own way.
Many people become diligent in working toward given mission goals as the top priorities, but they are only relatively faithful in accomplishing other responsibilities.
Even when others feel displeased with what you are not faithful in doing, you may say, “This job is more important than that. I can’t help them with their disappointments.
However, to the extent you come to have more goodness, you will try to be faithful in more areas and broaden your vessel.

When others feel your heart like this, even if they cannot spend much time with you, they will not be disappointed.
They will rather say, “With your busy schedule, I just wanted to thank you for taking care of this job.”
Likewise, if you accomplish the heart of goodness in you, you will never be inattentive in any area.
Even when no one reprimands you, you become troubled in your heart when you don’t practice goodness.
In this way, you will become naturally faithful in all God’s house.
If you think you are not as passionate as you used to be, and your spiritual progress seems to slow, even though you think you are managing your Christian life diligently, I hope you can check this field (of goodness).
Look back on yourself to see how much you sacrifice yourself for the kingdom and the righteousness of God, and whether you are faithful in all God’s house with the heart of goodness.
Only when you accomplish the heart of being faithful in all God’s house, can your vessel be ready for blessing on this earth, and you can become qualified to enter New Jerusalem.
Sardius, the sixth stone, contains the meaning of endeavor and passion with the passionate love to accomplish the kingdom and righteousness of God.
The sardius of heaven is very red, like blood, and very transparent.
It is Apostle Paul who has such a passionate love like sardius.
Once he met the Lord, he devoted his entire life to the kingdom of God.
His passion didn’t cool down even under the countless persecutions and afflictions that a normal person could not possibly bear.
No matter how terrible his suffering, he was more concerned about the weak souls and the churches.
He didn’t spare even his life, but ran the risk of facing any hardship or sacrifice if he could just accomplish the kingdom of God.
In order to enter New Jerusalem, you should have the passionate love (that is represented) by sardius.

The seventh foundation stone is chrysolite, and it represents “mercy.”
It is to understand and forgive someone in truth who could never be understood and forgiven at all otherwise.
If you have such a heart of mercy, you will not have any prejudice.
You will have no one you dislike or hate; and you will have no enmity against anyone.
That’s because you think of everything in goodness.
The heart of understanding and embracing everything is the heart of mercy.
No matter how brutal a criminal may be, you may hate his sin, but not hate the person.
Even though Jesus knew Judas Iscariot would betray Him, He embraced him and gave him a chance to turn back.
Deacon Stephen also begged for forgives of others who were stoning him to death.
Only those who accomplish such a heart of mercy can enter New Jerusalem.

The heart that the eighth stone, beryl, represents is the endurance and patience in all things to accomplish God’s kingdom and righteousness.
It is, however, not to suppress something with great restraint.
It’s the patience in which there is nothing that requires being patient, It is being filled with goodness with no evil.
No matter how great the hardship is and no matter how long it takes, if you endure it with patience until the end, the promise of God bears its fruit.
When you preach the gospel to someone, you believe he will eventually change and you endure with patience till the end.
When you circumcise your heart, you also endure with patience till the end when you harvest the fruit of sanctification.
Even if the progress seems to be slow, you don’t get disappointed but you believe God, give thanks to God, and continue cultivating yourself till the end.
After you endure with patience like this, the fruit that you will bear is the glory of New Jerusalem.
The ninth stone, Topaz, represents “spiritual goodness.”
It is to seek goodness within the Holy Spirit.
It is somewhat similar to “conscience” of the world.
Conscience is the standard of each individual to judge between the right and wrong or between good and evil.
The concept of the conscience differs with diverse times, countries, and peoples.
In case of spiritual goodness, however, the standard to judge between good and evil is the unchanging word of God.
It is to seek only the goodness in the sight of God.
However, it is not “seeking goodness only in heart.” Only when the goodness is revealed outwardly can we say you have truly accomplished the spiritual goodness.
To the extent you long for the goodness, your words and deeds are of virtue and grace so that you give out the fragrance of the Lord Christ.
You do the good deeds the way the good Samaritan did, and show your grace to those who need your help.
You don’t cry out or quarrel with anybody.
Even when there are people react with evil toward you, you neither neglect them nor break them off and throw them out.
You deal with them in goodness with the heart of Jesus who had mercy even on a bruised reed or a smoldering wick.
Only when you have this spiritual goodness, can you enter New Jerusalem.
The tenth stone, chrysoprase, symbolizes “self-control.”
No matter how good a food is, when too much is eaten, it gives trouble.
Exercise is good for health, but when not controlled properly, it may become harmful.
It applies not only in a physical sense but also spiritually.
No matter how good it is, you must control yourself according to the natural order and law.
You need to have even joy and love under control.
Even when you do something in the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, you should not be impulsive, but you should be supervised with the exact time and methods of doing it.
Even those who have come into the spirit make everything work in harmony through self-control.
If you haven’t come into the spirit yet, you should completely cast off the lust of the flesh, and follow only the desires of the Holy Spirit.
Jacinth, the eleventh foundation stone symbolizes “purity.”
It is to have no sin in heart; in other words, it is the heart with no blame, spot, or blemish.
Just as you wash your body with water, you should wash your heart with spiritual water.
You should purify it with the word of God.
Hebrews 10:22 says, “Let us draw near with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water.”
For example, when you obey the Word of God as God tells you ‘Cast it away’ and ‘Don’t do it’, the untruth and evil will be washed from your heart.
Also, if you obey as God tells you to ‘Do it’ and ‘Keep it,’ you won’t be stained by the sins and evil of the world again by constantly being supplied with pure water.
Staring into the clean eyes of a little child refreshes the hearts of people.
God the Father feels the same way when He sees His children with pure hearts.
He wants to see them more and stay with them longer.
Since He wants to be with His children like this, He leads them into New Jerusalem, near His Throne.
The twelfth stone, amethyst, represents “gentleness.”
It is the heart of kindness and meekness, broad enough to tolerate all kinds of people.
It is the heart that is as soft and comfortable as cotton and able to accept all kinds of people, and it is the heart of the generosity to understand all things in goodness and accept in love.
No matter how warm and soft your heart is to accept someone, if the attributes are only locked inside your heart, it doesn’t really mean anything.
You should be able to show them through deeds.
When others can be encouraged and feel at home through your words and deeds of gentleness, it becomes “virtue.”
A man with virtue possesses spiritual authority.
He can win the hearts of many people, and lead them to the truth and life.
Since Moses had such a heart, he could lead millions of Israelites.
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.
So far, I briefly covered the spiritual hearts that the 12 foundation stones represent.
I said when we consolidate all the spiritual hearts – faith, uprightness, sacrifice, righteousness, faithfulness, passion, mercy, patience, self-control, purity, and gentleness – it becomes the heart of perfect love.
For the foundation stones of New Jerusalem, and for the jewels that decorate the houses in New Jerusalem, God doesn’t use any jewel just because it is pretty and glittering.
In each one of the jewels is contained the providence of God.
Moreover, what you should remember is that the jewels of New Jerusalem are different from the jewels of the earth not only in their colors and light, but also in names.
When God created each jewel, He put a spiritual meaning in it and gave a unique color and lights according to the meaning.
For example, to symbolize the “passionate love for the kingdom of God,” He created a transparent jewel which is as red as blood.
Even a glimpse at this jewel reminds you of burning passion for God.
And such a passion also reminds you of the deeds of noble faithfulness, and it touches your heart.
Where in the world can you find a jewel that gives out such a glorious light and color?
And God named each jewel in a heavenly language.
When the name is combined with its light, they become dignity and pride of the jewel itself.
However, it is difficult to describe in the language of this earth how beautiful the jewels of heaven are. Even if God tells us the heavenly names of those jewels, we cannot understand.
Therefore, Apostle John chose the names of the jewels of this earth which are closest to the jewels of heaven to help us understand better.
I urge you to remember the meanings of 12 foundation stones, and to check how much you have accomplished the hearts represented by those jewels.
By doing so, you may realize how close you are to New Jerusalem.

Revelation 21:21 says, “And the twelve gates were twelve pearls; each one of the gates was a single pearl And the street of the city was pure gold, like transparent glass.”
There are 3 gates each on each of the 4 sides of the city of New Jerusalem. They are located 800 kilometers apart from each other.
Just as the wall is high and thick, these 12 gates are also huge; you may have to look up to it for long time when you are close to it.
The whole gate in an arch shape is made of a giant single lucid pearl, and it has a handle made of pure gold.
You may already know how pearl is made.
When a foreign substance invades an oyster shell, and pierces its flesh, it endures the pain and secretes nacre to cover the irritant.
The result of repeating of this process is the lucid pearl.
Likewise, in order for the children of God to be qualified to enter New Jerusalem, they have to endure for long.
God allows His children to undergo trials so that they can find untruth in them.
God gives them opportunities to find their sin and evil in various surroundings and situations.
When you find your sins and evil, you will feel pain in your heart.
You may feel disheartened from time to time in the thought that you are so weak.
But when you pray and fast with all your strength, and hang on to God, God gives you His grace and strength.
To the extent you cast of hatred, you accomplish love.
To the extent you cast off hot temper and ill feelings, you accomplish gentleness.
When you make all kinds of efforts to cast off your sins and evil like this, you will eventually accomplish the sanctified heart of the spirit.
When children undergo and suffer from trials, it is God the Father Himself who feels pain in heart.
However, God allows these procedures for His children because He loves His children so much.
He knows that His children need this procedure of finding and casting off their self in order to enter New Jerusalem.
That’s why God allows His children to undergo trials, and nervously watches the procedure of His children accomplishing sanctification.
He doesn’t only watch them, but also gives them grace and strength and leads them until they enter New Jerusalem.
Those who understand such love of God do not complain or lament their difficult trials, or speak the words of the attitude of giving up.
No matter how difficult their situation is, they rather pray and make a confession: “I can overcome it by the grace of God the Father. I will definitely bear the beautiful fruit of sanctification and become a pleasure to You.”
In addition, those who only obey according to the truth never lose the fullness in their hearts no matter what kind of hardship they encounter.
Since they rejoice and give thanks from the depth of their hearts, they don’t consider it as a trial, but they overcome it.
When they overcome and pass all the trials, they will pass through the pearl gate in the glory like that of a victorious general returning home.
Putting such a meaning in it, God made each gate out of a single pearl.
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.
Even though the days in this earth are so tough, they are just momentary when compared to the days of eternal heaven.
Those burning trials or the good things of the world are all momentary after some time later.
If you can truly realize it in your heart, there is no trial that you cannot overcome.
You’ve heard many messages about heaven, and you know very well of New Jerusalem.
I urge you to turn all such knowledge into hope and pile them up in your heart.
Hebrews 6:19 says, “This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and steadfast and one which enters within the veil.”
Even in the windstorm of trials and afflictions, it is this hope that will take hold of your spirit and souls and lead you to the anchor in the harbor of New Jerusalem.
I urge every one of you to hold on the word of hope and win victory in the end, and pass through the pearl gate.
May you enjoy endless comfort and joy in your dwelling place of New Jerusalem that God has prepared, in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, I pray!


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