The 1st lecture on – Spirit, soul and body(5)

[1Thessalonians 5: 23]
“May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.”


: The Word changing the heart of each one


: Spirit Soul and Body 1-5
1) The importance of vessel character
2) The Heart quality:
Each one’s heart quality varies according to
how broadly and powerfully he uses his heart

  • Good vessel character helps obey the commands fully,
  • Good heart quality not only lets obey the commands but also helps
    carry out more than the commands. So, faithfulness in all God’s house
    has close relation to heart quality


Praying to accomplish good vessel character and great heart quality by understanding God’s plan of making man from the dust, and to harvest 100 times crops


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
How have you been for a week? I enjoyed a deep and wonderful fellowship with Father God.

You have also been receiving the answer to your desire of your heart you prayed to God on the anniversary of 21st church establishment and been happy with the fellowship with God, I believe.

How happy and blessed we are because God our Father lets us feel satisfied with the best things! I ask you to remember this grace and dwell in the more abundant grace of God through today’s message.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
I preached the four kinds of heart field and the kinds of vessel quality. You could examine what kind of heart field you have among field along the path, thorny field, rocky field, and good field.

A farmer can harvest abundant crops when he sows seeds in good field. In the same way, a man made from the dust can reap 100 times, 60 times or 30 times as much as he sows, when he plows his heart and makes a good heart field, and then sows the seeds of the Word into his heart.

Through this process, the vessel character of each one are varied according to what attitude he receives the Word and how he acts by it.

Today I will explain why the difference of each one’s vessel character is important and then about the quality of heart.

You may think that vessel character and heart quality belong to the message about soul or spirit and wonder why I am explaining them during preaching about body.

I am doing this because the formation of vessel character and heart quality are so greatly influenced by what is inherited from parents and what one forms during his growth.

If you understand this fact, you will gain the more effective strength to find yourself and change into spiritual being.

The Word of God is more precious and valuable than anything else because it helps us find our heart and change into eternal thing.
If you hope for the New Jerusalem, I hope in the name of the Lord that you bear today’s message in your heart fully and make it great strength and grace.


Dear congregation, members who are attending the service through the satellite all over the country, members of branch churches, branch sanctuaries, Light and Salt mission, Restaurant Mission, members who are attending the service through the Internet all over the world, and the children of Sunday School,

Why then is the heart quality important?

Each one accepts and obeys the Word differently according to his own heart quality. The better it is, the sooner you will accomplish your sanctification and the greater power you will perform.

When each one listens to the same Word, he is varied in keeping it in his heart and acting by it. Some remember it wrongly when they hear it. Some others remember it but do not obey it.

On the one hand, others keep the Word in their heart and diligently act by it.

In this manner, each one uses the Word of God differently even if he receives the same word. As a result, this difference makes each servant or pastor vary in the spiritual power and strength.

Why do some of them perform the works of God through prayer but do some others not perform such miracles? That’s not because the latter does not know the Word of God.

That’s because each one has his own heart quality and keeps the word of God according to his own heart quality and acts by it.

Let me take an example to help you with better understanding.

Students learn algebra equation in the class of algebra.

Some hear the algebraic equation distractively and forget it soon. But some others practice the equation eagerly until they learn it by heart.

By the way, not every student has the same competence of algebra although every student memorized the algebraic equation.

Each student has the better algebra competence and gains the higher credit to the extent that he practices algebra questions with the equation.

This is the same case with the spiritual things. Each one has different spiritual power and strength although every one listens to the same word.

Some change into the spirit and God’s works follow them, but some others do not change although they have learned the word for years. What makes that difference between them?

Dear congregation,
You surely change into the spirit if you think highly of the word and act by it.
Above all, you can have communication with God. Then, you can receive whatever you ask, and enjoy abundant spiritual and financial blessings.

You will carry out your duty by listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit, and then change many souls with that spirituality. And you will bear beautiful fruits wherever you are because you do not try to perform your duty but commit everything to God the Father.

Do you want to enjoy this wonderful blessing and answer? Do you want to ride on a fast spiritual flow during the left year of 2003 and enter the measure of spirit, and the whole spirit?

If so, please measure the attitude of your heart and your action according to the word. If you find something, repent it right now and turn from it. And then try to show the great work and power of God.

Dear congregation,
Next, let’s think about each one’s heart quality.

Heart quality may be considered as similar with vessel quality, but heart quality gives us more detailed explanation about our heart than vessel quality.

Heart quality is varied according to how broadly we use our heart although we have the same vessel.

For the easier understanding, you can compare vessel character to vessel character such as golden ones, silver ones, or clay ones.

On the one hand, heart quality is related to the size of vessel.

Heart quality is largely divided into four categories.

First there is the type of carrying out more than one’s own duty. It is the best heart capacity.

Some children not only pick up trash but also clean away a dust box when they are told to pick up trash fallen in a room. Such children wipe off dust from a room and keep it in order in many aspects. They give their parents satisfaction and pleasure because they do more than their parents expect.

On the one hand, there are various types of people in cleaning the house. Some do nothing more than to clean their own yards and gates. On the other hand, some other people clean the site before the gate of the next house or the road their houses belong to.

Those who are broadminded in everything gain the respect and praise from people around them.

In this manner your heart quality varies according to how broad is your heart.

Deacon Stephen and Philip did not think, “We don’t have to be ardent and passionate because we are not the servants of the Lord.” They had the same attitude as that of the servants of the Lord and accomplished the feature of perfect children of God by becoming holy and getting faithful.

They became so lovely to God and pleased Him greatly. As a result, they could perform the great power, miraculous signs and wonders among many people.

Dear congregation,
The second heart quality is shown when one manages to do his duty.

This kind of person is surely faithful to his own duties, but is not concerned about the poor or helping others.

For example, when his parents tell him to pock up trash, he does nothing but pick it up.
He may be commended for his obedience, but cannot please his parents more than such.

Spiritually, some people do nothing more than being faithful to their duty. They are not concerned about any other thing but the duty given to them.

When you are faithful to your duty but are not concerned about other things, you cannot give God great joy.

Let me take an example. If you have good heart quality and are taking the duty requiring specialized strength such as praising or other talented performance, you do not only carry out the duty. You naturally participate in caring many team members or helping your cell or team leader with doing ministry although you are not in direct charge of caring souls.

And as for the great special church festivals, people with great heart quality not only take good care of their own duties but care for all things about the church with the heart of God the Father and the Shepherd.

In addition, they do not only pray for their duties and desires. But they also pray earnestly for other church workers as if other duties were theirs. Only then, will they be a great joy to God and will they receive as much great rewards in heaven.

Thirdly, there are people who carry out their duty but are forced to do only what is necessary.

They usually are full of complaining or grumbling without doing something with joy and thanks. They are negative in everything and lack in sacrificing themselves or serving others.

They often give others burdens or discomfort in carrying out their duties.

However, whatever we may do, it is our heart that God watches and measures. It is not right that you come to the sanctuary and pretend to pray to God unwillingly because of the responsibility of your duty or titles in church. You should love God with true heart and enjoy praying to God wholeheartedly and earnestly.

Let’s think about your team or cell revival. Some leaders visit cell members and evangelize nonbelievers from the sense of duty or with the burden of revival.

But if you want to please Father God, you must care for your cell members like your body with the love for them, and fervently preach the gospel having the desire to lead one more person to the way of salvation.

If you do this way, you do not say any word of complaining or grumbling. Only joyful praising comes out of your mouth and the confession of thanks for the grace and love of God the Father overflows in you.

So, you must not be reluctant or sparing in carrying out your duties but be faithful to your duty generously and willingly with the love for God.

Fourthly, some people do not perform their duty so much as do evils about their duty. As for them, it would be better to leave them alone.
They have no responsibility or the sense of duty. Nor do they think about others’ benefits before themselves. Rather they give others troubles and burdens because they are stubborn in their own thought and theory.

For instance, when a mother tells that kind of boy to clean a room, he complains why she does not command his brother or strikes his brother into weeping rather than cleaning the room.

These kinds of people complain or grumble, saying, “Why should I do even this job?” although it is their duty and service for the Kingdom of God. Finally, they discomfort others and break off peace among many people.

Besides, they lose souls God entrusted to them or make them stumble down because they have not cared for them with love.

They do not repent their unfaithfulness or try to carry out their duties again. Instead, they complain and attribute the responsibility to others, saying, “My job condition is very poor, so it is not easy to do my duty. I cannot do my job because that person bothers me.” Meanwhile they give up their duty and service. In the end, nobody will ask them a favor.

If you want to ask a favor, you will do to the first kind of people who carry out more than their duties joyfully. In the same way, God is pleased with and greatly use those people with good heart quality when He accomplishes His kingdom.

Then, what kind of heart quality do you have?

Do you take care of many more things than your duty and accommodate all those things? Or do you feel satisfied only with carrying out your duty and not look around other jobs?
Or do you barely perform your duty and let your heart be filled with complaining and grumbling? Or do you discomfort others or bring discords and quarrels without doing your own duty?

Watch yourself about the four kinds of heart quality, and get the answer what to do as to your heart quality. If you find your heart quality is small, you must change it into the greater one. And to have such good heart quality, you must first have good vessel character by purifying your heart. That’s because you cannot have great heart quality with mere a poor vessel character.

And it is the way to great heart quality to do all things with passion and to accomplish a sacrificing and devoting heart. If you come to have great heart quality, you can take the greater job and give more glory to God.

It was the case with Joseph. He was taken away to the nation of Egypt due to his brothers’ envy and jealousy and became a slave to Potiphar, the captain of the guard of Pharaoh.

He used to be very lovely to his father Jacob and live a happy life, but was bought as a slave in Egypt. Despite all this, he never deplored his situation. He was faithful in everything. It was not reluctantly or for fear of his whipping that he performed all commands of his master.

He was upright and faithful in his duties and took good care of all things with the heart of his master. As a result, he was approved by Potiphar and came to take up everything in his master’s house.

Later he came to be in charge of the whole land of Egypt in the confirmation of Pharaoh in the choosing of God, and became a great man to save his family and nation.

If he had not accomplished this great heart quality, he would have reluctantly obeyed only the commands of his master and his life would have ended up as a mere slave to an Egyptian.

But Joseph tried his very best to be faithful in everything every moment in the sight of God and saw, heard and acted with the best heart quality, so could be used greatly by God.

Thus, It is very important what kind of heart quality you take care of all your circumstances with and how you change your heart into the greater heart quality. It makes a great difference in living the best life and being used by God.

Even though you are not cell or team leader now, you will be approved by other members and be selected as a leader when you attend the regular meeting, visit team members and care for feeble ones with the heart of your team leader.
And you will be able to become the director of your mission or united mission as much as you enhance your heart quality.

In addition, you will not be respected only in the church but also be approved by people around you such as your family or company comrades because you take good care of many things each place.

If you accomplish a good heart quality this way, you will become a precious servant in the sight of God like Moses commended by God for being faithful to all God’s house.


Dear congregation,
Let’s briefly review the vessel character and the heart quality. If you willingly obey a command, saying, “Amen,” you have a good vessel character. On the other hand, if you not only obey the command but also carry out many more things generously, you have a great heart quality.

Only when you have a great heart quality, can you be faithful to all God’s house. The New Jerusalem we are longing for requires your sanctification and complete faithfulness. So I hope you accomplish the greater and broader heart to watch and take the better care of everything for the kingdom of God.

Dear congregation,
I have preached about our flesh five times until today.

I first explained to you that flesh indicates everything that is perishable and mortal, and what the seed of life is and how a life is conceived and grow in a womb.

And I helped you distinguish between God’s choosing a person and His setting a person apart, and told you what kind of God’s Way lets a sperm and an egg combine and a life be conceived like a seed is planted into the soil and later bears fruits.

Then, we learned that field spiritually refers to the heart of a man and there are some kinds of heart field. And you found what kind of heart field you have. Finally, I delivered the message about the vessel character and the heart quality.

God wants a single person of you to keep these significant messages in heart and to come out as a great and precious vessel. God our Father with His blazing eyes searches for the ones who resemble the heart of the Lord among as a great number of people around the world as immeasurably many sands just as looking for a beautiful and valuable jewel on the sands.

I hope in the name of the Lord that you will be found as such a valuable jewel by God and overflow in God’s love and blessing by becoming a great joy to Him the way it is said in [Zephaniah 3: 17], “The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing.”

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