Cerebral Palsy

What is cerebral palsy? Cerebral palsy is a group of disorders that affect balance, movement, and muscle tone. “Cerebral” means the disorder is related to the brain, and “palsy” refers to weakness or a muscle problem. Cerebral palsy starts in the area of the brain that controls the ability to move muscles. Cerebral palsy can …

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The Creator of Man

God the Creator Because people learn only Darwinism in schools, they believe it but reject Creationism without even trying to verify the scientific logicality. But the Bible mentions God the Creator before anything else. The book of Genesis, which is the first book among 66 books of the Bible, describes the works of creation in …

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God Cultivates Men

The Reason Why God Cultivates Men In the Bible, when Jesus said something spiritual that was difficult for people to understand, He always used parables. There are many parables in the Bible such as the parable of sowing the seed, harvest, and vineyard. This tells us that God is cultivating men and will separate the …

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