Hearing Impairment and Ear Noise Healed

Ear Noise Healed Brother Kailash(Age 26, Indore, India) I lost hearing in my left ear after a fight with one of my friends...

“My permanently-disabled cousin with tetraplegia came to walk!”

Adarsh Warman, age 21, India I was born into a Brahmin family who had served Hinduism throughout the generations. We even had a Hindu...

WCDN proves the works of God’s power with medical science

proves the works of God’s power with medical science WCDN is a network of Christian medical doctors around the world. It was founded to prove the...

“I Came to Walk Again after a Traffic Accident”

Rita (Age 60, Madhya Pradesh, India)  Walk Again after a Traffic Accident In April 2018, I was in a car with my family....

Jesus Healed My Son’s Cerebral Palsy

Healed Cerebral Palsy Kiran (28, Delhi Manmin Church) My son, Mayank, sustained damage to his brain and internal organs due to lack of oxygen at...

Healed of Incurable Genetic Disease

Healed of Genetic Disease Amrit Kumar Amrit Kumar (34, Delhi Manmin Church) Shalom! Through the power of God, I was enabled to eat, go up...

“I was healed of cholecystitis, and I now live a new life!”

Pratima Devi (33, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India) Since 2017, I didn’t feel good, and there was pain in my ab. I thought it was just gastric...
healed from throat cancer

“My life changed after the healing of laryngeal cancer!’

Brother Mahesh Arya (Delhi Manmin Church in India) healing of laryngeal cancer - Br Mahesh Family God heals my mom's laryngeal cancer. This...

“My entire family met the living God, and started a home church”

Vandna (30, Delhi India) Because I married Hindu man, my Christian life was not easy. My family persecuted me severely. I had to hide and pray. Thank God,...

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